Sunday, December 15, 2013

A new blogging venture 'The Girl has Sparke'

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Things have been a little quiet around here. I had an unintentional break from blogging after my uncle passed away - a little time to just enjoy life and not worry about much else. However a few weeks ago I started working on a new blog and tonight I just published the first post. The new blog is 'The Girl has Sparke' and is where I will be blogging from now on. I would love if you could pop over and continue reading with me over there.

I also have a new email which is, I will keep checking the Time After Tea email for a little while though :) I also won't be deleting this blog - way too many memories to delete this space but I did feel like it was time for something new and fresh! I hope you like it and will join me on this new blogging course.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

{Wear} Spotty shirt, boyfriend jeans and being kinder to yourself

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blazer :: dotti // shoes :: jo mercer // jeans :: jeanswest // shirt :: ebay

Another outfit featuring my favourite basics, my taste seems to be getting a lot simpler and a little more classic (despite my very scruffy hair in these photos). Since buying our house my shopping budget has shrunk significantly so buying pieces that are easily inter-changeable and can work lots of different ways is imperative. All of these pieces fit that bill and are being rotated through my wardrobe on a weekly basis.

On a different note do you ever feel like life is going really well, you get caught up in how good things are, let yourself relax a little bit and then the dreaded feeling of how long is this going to last creeps in? You anticipate that something is going to go wrong, has to go wrong, that the calm can only last for so long.

So then you start finding things that are wrong and probably making a bigger deal of little things then you probably should. For example I have been beating myself up over having too many sweets, that the house isn't clean enough all those little things that really don't matter in the big scheme of things. So starting tomorrow I am going to start stressing a little less and enjoying things being calm and on track because really its times like this you should be enjoying the calm not looking for ways to rock your own boat! There is plenty of time to have a clean house..

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

{home} restyled bar cart

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 photo a206a005-6fd0-4a9b-bb98-c2a29d13d073_zpsf73c9166.jpg

When I first I saw bar carts appearing on blogs like A Beautiful Mess and Cupcakes and Cashmere, I decided that I definitely wanted one when we moved into our own place. I kept an eye out in opshops for probably 18 months, but failed to find anything, or at least anything in my budget. I eventually  found this one for $40 when we were actually meant to be looking for a tv unit, isn't it always the way? On a side note we still don't have a tv unit, that will probably take another 18 months.

I deliberately didn't call this a DIY because I honestly stripped back the paint roughly and threw on three layers of white paint and reattached the wheel that had come off. Really simple and just shows how easy it can be to reinvent an old piece of furniture on the cheap. I am not really good at this type of thing so if I can do it, you can too. I think it also shows that if you are looking for a particular piece of furniture it will eventually turn up - even if it is 18 months down the track - don't give up hope!

Even though we rarely drink spirits (can you tell by the very sad looking collection in the photos) I love the idea of having this around for dinner parties or for those random occasions where some sort of cocktail is called for - until then though its a great decoration.

Do you have any home projects on the go at the moment?

Monday, November 4, 2013

{wear} big, bold polka dots

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blazer:: forever new // dress :: opshoppers // bag :: coach // shoes :: zara

This last week has sailed by, is anyone else freaking out that it is November? I love Christmas but I am so not ready for it this year. I am enjoying daylight savings though and the days getting warmer - I am getting so much more done during the evening when I get home from work. This afternoon I finally unpacked the last box from when we moved in five months ago! It was that last annoying box that was filled with things I wasn't quite sure where to put but everything now has a home and I am feeling pretty happy with myself for finally getting it done.

A few months ago now, the lovely Fiona from Opshoppers invited me over for a little bit of a vintage swap. I nearly overlooked this dress but Fiona encouraged me to take it and I am so glad I did. I love that you can tie it up in different styles plus it's Carla Zampatti as well so will last for ages. It also easily transition from day to night. You really can't go wrong with a polka dot dress can you?

I am aiming to start blogging six days a week. Say what? Considering I have never been able to stick to any type of blogging routine I am not sure how I will go with it but lets see if I can at least manage a week. I hope you have had a good Monday, it is all down hill from here!