Thursday, October 15, 2009

The age old smacking dilemma.

A Melbourne mother has been warned that she can be arrested with assualt if she continues to smack her daughter with a wooden spoon.This is one of those debates that seem to arise every couple of years should people be able to smack their children? As the law stands I think parents are allowed to use reasonable force to discipline their kids. However is this really sending out the correct message to our children. As Francis O'Brien said tonight on the 7pm project dad can hit you, dad cant hit me, you cant hit your sister, I can hit your sister (something like that) which blurs childrens construction of reality. People always say "I was smacked and I turned out alright" well I was smacked when I was little and threatened with the wooden spoon but I dont think that's what made me turn out "alright". Having a loving family who take the time to discuss behavioural issues and help you to make the right decisions in life is what makes you a good person not being smacked. What do you think?


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