Monday, October 12, 2009

Caulfield Cup: what to wear?

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So I am lucky enough to be heading down to Melbourne on Friday for the Caulfield Cup (insert yelp of excitement). The weekend will be filled with shopping, sparkling wine, good friends and racing. However, this always leads to the predicament of what to wear? I am absolutely loving the Spring Carnival fashion at the moment especially the florals and pastels. I adore pretty/girly things so this seasons dresses are right up my alley.. I have found a few dresses from Forever New (I find these dresses usually flatter my body shape) that are definately possibilities. I love the two floral ones in the middle especially the headband on the second girl but the black is so fierce and strong! I dont think i could pull off the purple one on the end but I still think its pretty.Oh the dilemma's! What do you think? What is your spring carnival fashion picks for this season? Will have to keep you updated with the final outfit.


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