Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From the shopping trolley

So went shopping today which I havent done for ages but decided I needed supplies for Melbourne. Have decided not to buy a new dress and am wearing an oldie but a goodie so was looking for a bag and fascinator. Initially I was looking for a red fascinator because my dress is red and thought I would try and channel the black outfit from a couple of posts ago but there was not many red ones and any that there were clashed with my dress. Anywhoo here is what I bought.....

Glomesh bag from Target I had been looking for one for ages but the vintage ones I could find were quite expensive so am happy with my target one for $30.

I very rarely shop at diva unless their having one of their great sales were everything is $5. I couldnt walk past this necklace and the ring will go perfectly with my races outfit.

Saying that though I also picked up this headband from there for the races. I had been planning on getting a very elaborate fascinator but I think this will look good with my hair pulled back and go for a simple and sleek look instead.


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