Monday, October 12, 2009

Have you got your SIGG water bottle?

Oh my gosh how much do I love my SIGG waterbottle? So much that I had to tell you guys about it. You may have seen a few people walking around with them but I think their going to be HUGE. The photo above is the bottle I was lucky enough to snag whilst in Switzerland in July (my adventure that I saved up for years for).
There are three great reasons to get one:
1. There economical - no more paying up to $3 for a bottle of water
2. There environmentally friendly, reducing our landfills which is always a plus
3. There designs are super cute -everyone comments on them which is not only fun but has given me great chrissie and bday ideas
Check out all the amazing designs at and go to the SIGG waterbottle section.
I have left you with two of my fav Switzerland photos to cure any Mondayitis!

How gorgeous are their houses it makes me want flower boxes out the front of my windows!


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