Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Laziness and loving

Poor old neglected blog but I do have good excuses with my trip to Melbourne and alot of uni work going on at the moment. Melbourne was so lovely I just adore that city and the great shopping and food. I love that you can take a wrong turn and end up in an alley of little treasures. We didnt end up going to the Caulfield cup because of the rain which was a shame but we ended up having a great afternoon anyway. We had a picnic on my friends lounge room floor decked out in all our races gear with the races on the tele. It was just as fantastic as really being there. So due to my lack of writing I thought I would share some of the lovely things I have enjoyed this week:

- Typo is a great new stationery store I found while in Melbourne. It is a chain so will be opening up in other areas but the website wasnt very helpful. If it is one thing I can not resist it is stationery and I ended up getting a really cute passport wallet. Hopefully it will open in Canberra soon, not that we probably need any more stationery stores but i wouldnt be complaining.
- The colour Mustard even though were in the middle of Spring it has still been pretty chilly in Canberra and when I saw a girl wearing a mustard jacket yesterday I feel in love all over again. It is such a great Autumn/ Winter colour and warmed me up just seeing it hopefully this weather wont be around for to much longer.

- Glee when I first saw this show advertised i must admit I felt a little ill with how ummm "gleeful" it looked but now I absolutely adore it. The characters are really well constructed and the plotline keeps you interested but not so susfensful (I think i just made that word up) that you cant sleep at night, clearly I get way to involved in the tv shows I watch. Its a good show to watch if you just want to tune out for awhile + the dances are pretty impressive too.

-The Lark blogspot is so cute and inspriring. I am not at all crafty but I love looking at other peoples work and ideas and it definately encourages me to endeavour into more craft related projects. Check out her online shop there are so many pieces that I now have on my wishlist.

- Swapping! I have been reading on a few blogs about "swapping" and decided to do something similar. So my sister and I are now sending each other fortnightly packages with random items we find for each other. I also couldnt resist getting involved in A girl and her blog's holiday swap very excited for my first real swapping adventure. To get involved check out her blog.

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