Sunday, October 11, 2009


Well what do I say? I am extremely excited to finally be starting my own blog. A friend of mine got me addicted to blogs a few months ago and I havent looked back since. I think it is definately time to start your own blog when things happen in your life and you constantly think "damn I wish I had a blog to share this with people". Thats why this blog has no genre as such but is more a collection of things that I want to share with people in the hope that they can get as much enjoyment out of them as I do.
The reason it took me quite a while to start this blog was developing a name for it that I thought would do it justice...this has literally taken me weeks. Anyway I had finally decided this morning on a name and I was so excited and couldnt wait to get started and when i typed it in it was of course taken....grrrr. When I looked up the blog the creater hadnt posted since 2005. But never fear I had a plan B, so i typed that in and yet again it was taken. With utter despair I also looked up this blog and found the girl hadnt posted since 2007 because she is now in JAIL! But luckily she felt that this experience would give her quite a good chance to reflect on herself and the person she wanted to become, I think its a pity she didnt continue with the blog it would have been quite an interesting read following her journey on the inside...I assume they dont have the internet in jails though?
This made me quite worried that my blog to would fade into oblivion (hopefully not because i go to jail) but because there are soooooo many blogs out there and so many interesing and talented people out there writing them.
So finally I have landed on "Time after tea" that is because my favourite thing to do is sit down with a cup of tea and read peoples blogs and I find long after the tea is gone I am still sitting there reading away.
Megan xox


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