Sunday, November 8, 2009

And this little piggy went to market

What a glorious weekend! The sun has not stopped shining since I finished work on Friday and apart from having to study its been a pretty great weekend.
On Saturday I headed to the Gorham house markets (which is mostly second hand stalls and yummy food) where I picked up this lovely skirt, which I am planning on wearing to work with a white shirt in my pursuit of bringing colour to my workplace.

It is such a brighter green than in these pics but I couldnt quite capture it.

I also grabbed this Women's Weekly cookbook. I am obsessed with these cookbooks ever since I was given all my mum and grandma's copies. They have such homey receipes and remind me of two amazing women in my life.
I think this one will be great for summer because there is so much delicous fresh produce at the moment.

On my way home I saw a church fete and decided to have a look. They had a huge white elephant where I got these for $1 each.

I use to be so anti - second hand shopping when I was younger. Dont ask me why, I think the thought of buying other peoples seconds didnt really appeal to me but now I cant get enough of it. Some my friends are amazing thrifters and I think I am slowly getting the hang of it too.
And look what else I found....

I didnt even know they were out yet but one little farmer was selling them for $5 for half a kilo and I could not resist (that bowl was full an hour ago).
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


  1. What great finds! I used to be anti-second hand shopping when I was younger as well. I was all about the brand name surf wear (oh the shame of it all haha). Ahhh now I want to go op-shopping/marketeering... next weekend!

  2. Wow, love your finds, all so adorable ^^


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