Friday, November 6, 2009

Lily Allen for Chanel

Chanel launched their Coco Cocoon bag in mid October and these photos have been on the internet for alot longer than that but I just adore them (Chanel + Lily Allen = HOT!) so thought I would share them with everyone again and maybe some who have yet to see them.


  1. Lily does look absolutely awesome x

  2. Hi Megan, thanks for stopping by my site! I only just noticed your comment - must be something wrong with my comment updater. I really like these photos, Lily looks so elegant. Are they from the Chanel website?

    Poppy xox

    Poppy Gets a Life

  3. Oh dear, I really should have linked them to their site. I didnt get them from the Chanel site but i am sure they would be on there x


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