Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Day Zero

You may have heard of the website Day Zero in which you create a list of 101 things you want to achieve in 1000 days. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of 101 things I wanted to do and some of the things I want to do will take more than 1000 days. Instead I have decided to share my list of 23 things in which i have an infinate time period to complete (but the sooner the better) on my blog.
1. Buy Something from Etsy - can you believe i havent done this! The problem is there is to much I want.
2.Start drama classes
3. Go to New York
4. Go to Egypt
5. Go to Vietman
6. Volunteer - am already looking into volunteering at my local oxfam store
7. Drive in Sydney - I hate traffic it makes me feel anxious.
8. Buy a turtle
9. Own a Chanel handbag - this may always be a daydream
10.Start making Jewellery again
11. Eventually host a swap and give away on my blog
12.Lose 10kgs - pretty sure this has been on my list FOREVER!
13.Finish Uni
14. Go on a hot air balloon ride -Brendan and I have this planned for our 3year anniversary :-)
15. Send a secret to postsecret
16.Go skiing (snow)
17. Go to Tasmania
18. Go to Uluru
19. Learn basic French and Italian
20.Read a new book every month
21. Learn the piano
22. Live overseas for a year
23. Get a puppy

What is on your "bucket list"? Have a lovely weekend!
                                                                                                    Megan xx


  1. "1. Buy Something from Etsy - can you believe i havent done this!" -- HAHA, that's how I felt! I had an account with Etsy for a year before I bought/sold anything!!!

  2. This is such a cute idea! I might be copying you on a bucket list idea in the near future. As for my thoughts on your awesome list...
    You absolutely need a turtle. I have two and they are the best pets ever. I love, love, love them.
    I've always wanted to send in a postcard to postsecret but just haven't - I have so many secrets too!
    I would love to live overseas as well - that is a huge dream of mine. Shoot I'd love to even live in another state right now!
    You listed start drama classes twice so I'm guessing you really want to do that ;)

  3. Hi Belen, I was looking at your store yesterday and love your headbands! Once christmas is all over I think that will definately be one of my purchases.
    Hi Jenni, oh you have turtles so jealous! Haha i didnt realise I listed that twice, obviously didnt edit very well.

  4. Love your list! I buy so much from Etsy! I recommend it. There are so many wonderful and unique items.
    I want to live overseas for about 6 months sometime. I'm thinking about Spain. I really love your list!

    P.S. You have a won a little something on my blog. It's a 2nd chance draw :)

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