Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My parents were awesome

I told you that I would go scanning crazy. A couple of posts ago I mentioned the site My parents were awesome and that I was going to submit my favourite photo of my parents. So I have emailed it in but also wanted to share them with you.
This is my parents over twenty years ago, they look so happy.

Than this one was taken last year...I think they have aged pretty well and still look very happy.

                                                          Megan xx


  1. aw, your parents are too cute!

    i love old photos of my family from the days before i was in the world. sadly... things have changed and my parents are no longer together, so i would feel weird posting a photo of them from back in the day, though i'm tempted. they were cute back then too :)

    your parents look so happy, that makes me happy!

  2. lovely picture<3

    My parents are really a good couple too. I'm just so glad with that.
    And I'm glad yours are too!

    XX Michelle
    follow ya!

  3. aw! you're parents don't look like they've aged at all actually! haha! you're mom's so adorable. i like how the pictures are practically just opposites of each other, y'know? hehe. :)

  4. I agree with Belen, they dont like like they've aged at all :)

  5. OMG your parents are so beautiful. Love these photos.

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