Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Postcard share

So I finally sat down today and figured out how to use my scanner! So exciting as I will actually be able to share things with you properly instead of you having to look at my wonky photos. Be warned though I might go scanner crazy and scan everything in sight.
Today was spent sending postcards for postcrossing and writing christmas cards and than heading to the postoffice to send a few. Tonight I am off to have pizza with some friends I havent seen for awhile which will be nice.
Here are two of the postcards i sent out today:

Their off to Taiwan, Germany and the Netherlands (I somehow deleted the third postcard). I am on a mission next week to find some postcards that dont fit the "touristy" stereotype. Just not sure where to look at the moment, maybe stationery stores or bookshops. I guess I could always make my own, will have to be something I look into.

This is the first postcard that I received from Postcrossing. I received it last week from NYC!

Just remember if you would like to receive some mail feel free to email me!

                                                                                                          Megan xx


  1. Oh, Postcrossing... I was addicted! But it's very expensive so I stopped doing it. But maybe it's time to send some nice cards ;)

  2. Interesting blog. But I would make a recomendation. The PC you showed the back of has your address that onyone can read. Suggest that you cover the address some way as it is not safe to have it shown in full.

  3. Casette: it is addictive isnt it! I am trying to limit how many i send out a month otherwise the postage gets out of control.

    Barbara: thanks I will keep that in mind in future posts.

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