Monday, November 2, 2009

Things I can not wait to be doing..

Exam time always seems to dim my spirits a little but in two weeks I will be free and  I have created a list of all the things I want to achieve this Summer:
~ Read a book that is not related to law, actually make that many books. My books to read list keeps getting longer and I plan to start getting into it.
~ Finish my gardening projects! I love gardening (for a 21 year old thats a fairly uncommon statement) at the moment I only have two really good looking garden beds so I want to work on the others and get some pots and so forth happening.
~ Get to the markets. I love shopping at markets and Canberra has same really good ones that I havent been able to visit for ages. I am also planning a trip to the Bondi markets in a couple of weeks also. I have never been there but have heard some really good things.
~ Hang out with old friends. Old friends are good friends and the most understanding of me not being in contact for awhile. I can not wait to see them all.
~ Clean my house from top to bottom. Its the one thing, when I am busy, that is the most easy to neglect. Who knows what I might find....
~ Dedicate an hour to exercise a day. After housework this is the next thing I neglect when uni is taking over my life. It really shouldnt be such a task but I am not a naturally born athlete so really need to work at it.
~ Get more creative with my blog! I love blogging and reading other peoples blogs so will hopfully have a chance to get more into it and a little more creative. It is great to see more people commenting on my blog and I appreciate it so much it is convincing me to stick with it. Thanks so much!
- Go away for a weekend!
What are your plans this summer/ christmas period?Until than I plan on just "hanging in there".


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