Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time to cook - Cheesy baked Eggplant

I have been wanting to cook something with Eggplant being the main ingredient for ages. I finally got around to it last night when a friend came over for dinner. I cooked Cheesy Baked Eggplant and it was delicous and easy. I thought I would share the receipe so you can all have a go at making it.

-You need half an eggplant for each person that you are serving.
- Cut the eggplants in half longways and than scoop the middle out, leaving a 2cm shell.
Sprinkle salt in the inside of the shells and on the scooped out flesh. Leave to sit for an hour and than wash salt off. This takes away the bitterness.
- Than chop up finely, two rashers of bacon, two tomatos, a brown onion, a clove of cruched garlic, and a  tablespoon of chives. Put this all in a saucepan with a tablespoon of oil and cook. Also add the middle of the eggplant that you have taken out, chopped up roughly.

- You than add 1 cup of brown rice in (I cheated and bought the microwave rice that takes 90 seconds to cook and has extra veggies in it).
- Once its all mixed in spoon into the eggplants and top with shredded tasty cheese.

- Bake for 20mins on 180 degrees
- Take out and sprinkle in some parmesan - than you have some delicous cheesy baked eggplant



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