Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Catching the bus should not be so stressful...

Parking at my work costs $9 a day so recently I began catching the bus, and anyone who uses public transport can proabably agree with me that everyday is a new experience.
Firstly, I have to contend with the morning busdriver who regardless of the fact I catch the bus every day asks to see my student card religously. For goodness sake if I was a student yesterday its pretty likely I am still a student today. Not only does he ask to see it but he reads it methodically and looks at the picture looks at me than looks at the picture again before waving me on.
Because I get on at one of the first stops it means I am guaranteed to get a seat, score right? Well unfortunately by half way through the route the bus is packed and I start to get the guilts about having a seat, ridiculous I know but its just the way I am.
I always offer my seat to the older ladies but they never take it. Than I worry that they think I think their old and incapable of standing on the bus. Than I always wonder if an older man is standing on the bus should I offer him my seat or does the fact I am a "lady" trump him being an older genetleman. Modern ettiquette I'll tell you what I really need a refresher course!
My busdriver in the afternoon is so lovely, he always helps people get there stuff on the bus or waits for people as their running up the street. One day he went completely off route to drop a lady at her hotel because she wasnt sure where she was going. He remembers all the regulars names and notices when you havent been on the bus for awhile, all in all his a real gem .
I spoke to him the other day and apparently his in trouble at work for running late and breaking protocol for helping people with their stuff (the drivers arent meant to leave their seats). It made me so cranky to see someone with such a beautiful nature, love for his job and old fashioned manners be in trouble for it. I am seriously considering sending the bus company a letter and telling them that they should consider themselves lucky for having such a model employee.
So until I can afford $9 a day for parking, I think I need to get use to all the bus shannanigans.

Do you have any public transport stories?


  1. I think you should write to the company and have others do it too. I know it's basically the rule to stay put, but why do that to a person who's being genuinely helpful? It's not like the bus driver's leaving his keys in the ignition right? Anywho, I hope all goes well for him.

    And $9 a day? I don't want to try and calculate that into USD, but already to me that sounds insanely high. :/

    I don't do public transportation here. It's not that I live in some town with millions of bums and criminals, but there aren't many buses that come around anyway. :(

  2. $9 is way too high. Something needs to be done about that. So sweet of you to offer up your seat. Riding the bus can be fun. You get to meet interesting people.

  3. I know $9 is crazy right?
    Haha yes I get to meet very interesting people and most of them are really nice only the odd unpleasent soul.
    Thanks for your comments x

  4. send a letter, nice bus drivers are such a rare thing!

    Buses are indeed an experience, I get them to work too and I never know whats going to happen each day lol


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