Wednesday, December 9, 2009

First Etsy Purchases

I finally got to make my first etsy purchases. Well actually Brendan made his first purchases but their christmas gifts for me, I am a very lucky girl.  Here is what we ordered....

Postcards from PattiBacker

Gorgeous crocheted headband from Belen's Boutique

and finally earrings from Withlove2

I can't wait till they all arrive. I think this etsy thing could be addictive!


  1. HOORAY! :D

    i can't wait to send this out to you!! :)

  2. Etsy is super addictive! Love your first purchases. I too bought some earrings from Nicole's shop. I have some earrings names after me :)
    Ohh and Belen's headbands are very sweet!

  3. Isn't etsy great?! Cute picks, love the headbands the best!

  4. i'm swooning over the crochet headbands! how lovely!

  5. i love the crochet head bands, head bands never fit me properly though :(

  6. The last pair of earrings are so cute!

    Thanks for commenting miss!

  7. I actually just won a giveaway for two of Belen's headbands. I cannot wait to get them. And I purchase two of Nicole's earrings the day her shop opened on Etsy. You've got some good taste lady ;)


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