Monday, December 7, 2009

First ever trip to Ikea

On the way back from Sydney we stopped in at Ikea, and oh my goodness have I been missing out! I could have walked out with whole displays, I just loved walking around looking at all the different things, things I would never have imagined I ever needed but now I do.
I didnt end up buying much but I have a wishlist for things I hope I can go back and get one day.

To use as a bookshelf in our loungeroom.

Magazine Rack

Lazy Susan for dinner parties.

Tin Garbage bin for the office but in a lime green.

Bouncy chair, so relaxing!

There was also an amazing desk that I want but I cannot find a piccy of it unfortunately.

                                                                                          Megan xx


  1. I've always wanted to go to Ikea. I often go past the one in Sydney on the train and it looks huge. And I've heard you can't go backwards in the shop? Haha. Hope you can get some of the things from your wishlist! Thanks for the lovely comment - I am loving it here. Have you been to Tassie before? My friend just likened me getting back to my mail as "like Christmas morning". So far I'm finding it quite difficult to find time to actually write any letters! I have sent out a few postcards though. Let me know if you'd like one! :P

  2. Ikea is the greatest store. When ever I go to California I always stop in. I'm kind of lucky we don't have one in Las Vegas or I'd be in trouble!

  3. I love Ikea, I am hoping to do some christmas shopping there, and i also love their meatballs. Mmmmmmm IKEA meatballsssss

  4. Ikea is the best! I could spend hours just wondering around that place. And it's so cheap to eat there too!

    I love the rooms that are already set up. It gives you a better idea on how to utilise space when you don't have much.


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