Thursday, December 3, 2009

From around the web...

I am planning on doing this post on Wednesdays, purely for aliteration purposes "Wednesday website wonderings", however I am starting today even though its a Thursday. So here are my favourite posts from the web this week.
I would love these wedding invitations, big fan of penguin books.
How clever are these handmade christmas ornaments?
What a fantastic christmas wishlist, I would love anything on this list.
A very sweet giveaway...
My fashion icon, check her out.
I admire how much effort goes into all these letters.
Simple gift wrap is sometimes best.

Have you seen anything fabulous around the internet?

P.s B just bought a 170g candy cane, 3000kj of yumminess.
                                                                                Megan xx


  1. Bianca is one of my FAVORITES! She has the best hand-written letters. :) I need to write her back actually, lol.

  2. Fabulous finds, thanks for sharing! I've been away so long, i actually miss finding things on the internet.

  3. Love those links!! The wedding invites are awesome. I love Penguin books too. I love letters :)


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