Saturday, December 19, 2009

Incomings and outgoings.

This week I received some amazing postcards.

This one is from the lovely Belen who manages to find the most beautiful postcards. I was so excited when I received this in the mail. Even B has been showing it off to all our visitors.

This one is from the beautiful Bianca, from her recent trip to Tassie. I have been admiring Bianca's letterwriting creations for awhile so loved receiving one of her postcards. The reverse side was decorated so beautifully.

This one is from postcrossing from Anna and is a postard of Thomas Jefferson's house.

And this was another postcrossing one from Viola in Finland.

My boss is a photographer and gives us a calender each year full of his photos. I decided that it was too nice to throw away so have turned 2009's calender into postcards. These are two I sent off this week.

A beautiful sunset at Brighton Beach.

The view in one of the Forests he visited. The cirles are diamontes I stuck on to make it sparkle but they kinda just look like blobs here.
I sent out a few other cards and so forth this week but forgot to scan them :-(
I highly reommend you check out Bianca and Belen's blogs as they do fantastic mail posts.

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend! I am off to make cakes and salads for the party tonight x


  1. Freaking hooray! :) Hahaha. I love that you and B enjoy it! I feel like writing to you again, just because. You mind? I hope you don't! :) I have a lot I'd like to talk about, mostly Australia (seriously, I know hardly anything about the place, but I REALLY want to go).

    And I'm sorry, I'm a little lost to whom "B" is? I remember you mentioning this person once before, but I couldn't find a way to back-track to an explanation. Sorry!

    And you mentioned "P's get degrees." I don't think I've ever heard of that before. What's it referring to? (I love the different things and terms people say in different countries. ^_^ My friends from Australia visited and one of them said something along the lines of "Oh that's a bit dodgy" and my sister confused. So I turned to her, "He means that's sketchy/shady/suspicious." Hahahah. :)

  2. Merci for your sweet comment!! :)

  3. Hi Belen,

    Please write whenever you feel like it! I am more than happy to answer any Australia related questions or anything else you would like to talk about!

    Oh sorry B is for Brendan my boyfriend, I just get a bit lazy sometimes!

    Haha i love different saying between nationalities too! Well in Australia the grading system is fail, pass, credit, distinction and high distinction. So if you get a pass you still end up getting the same degree that people who get distinctions get so we say "P's get degrees" (P standing for a pass) does that make sense? Its hard to explain.

    Megan xxx

  4. Love getting mail!! I cannot wait until we move into our townhouse so I can start sending it out a lot more often.

    Love those postcards. Plus it's awesome that your boss gives you a calender of photos. I wouldn't want to waste them either. x

  5. is there anything better than coming home to REAL lovely mail, than bills? love you girls do these posts. i can't wait for my next postcrossings! :)

    and YES! belen has THE BEST postcards :)
    you're right about Bianca too!

    what a perfect gift from your boss! love! and the way you used it... how special.



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