Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Stationery store opens

Typo, a new stationery store opened in Canberra last week. Stationery shops are like therapy for me, they make me feel relaxed and I could honestly spend hours just looking at all the different little things in there. I went in there yesterday and bought a few little things.

Cute stamp!

Pens and a calender that I am going to turn into postcards and envelopes.

A card to send to a special someone.

Most of all I love the packaging!


  1. You aren't kidding about the adorable packaging. I love it. And I really love your stamp. Very cute. Great finds! :)

  2. I wanted that calendar but when i went back, all gone haha! So you're the culprit!

  3. Total cuteness! The craft stores here aren't as cute and unique. They're huge mass producers. :( I need to venture out around here and find better craft shops.

  4. Looks like a really cute stationery store. I find them (and book stores) really therapeutic. The packaging is soo cute! I'm sure I would got crazy in there. (I told Jason that there will be a writing desk and gift wrapping station in our townhouse lol). x

  5. Stationery stores are the best. ESPECIALLY ones with adorable packaging. I love that it's called Typo!

  6. These Stationery are so cute. I love the first photo. It's always so great visiting your blog. XOXO

  7. Wow i love stationery and i always buy more than i ever need, or rather use. This looks like a great store! Love the stamps and the packaging!

  8. I love the card with the little deer on it.
    Your blog is adorable! Following now :)

  9. i am always on the lookout for a good stamp because you never know what kind of cards or crafts you can use them for. fantastic!

  10. Oh! I absolutely love stationery shops! I could spend a month's wages there. Your finds are so cute - love the card and the stamp!


  11. gorgeous darling
    love your blog, love the inspiration
    keep it up, i love coming by and seeing what beauty you have to show
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for the sweet comments


  12. Aw, a stationery shop!? Those things all look gorgeous. Perhaps I should tell my family to go there while they're in Canberra for Christmas and pick me up some goods!


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