Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The tree goes up...

Our tree is tincy tiny but we live in a tincy tiny apartment....

"The perfect christmas tree?All christmas trees are perfect!"
                                         Charles N. Barnard
                                                                                      Megan xx


  1. I think it's adorable. I used to have a little baby tree when I lived in a teeny apartment too!

  2. tee hee, CUTE!

    i want to put up a tree but i just know my kitty will tear it down in a matter of seconds, LOL.

  3. love it! i love trees!

    thanks for your sweet comment, love. i really appreciated it.

    love your blog!

  4. Aw, I love your tree. Its so cute and homey.

    And you've already got presents (that are wrapped) under the tree?! Woah girl, you are like weeks ahead of me ;)

  5. Oh I am so glad other people think it is cute too. I was worried it would look like a little tree with to many decorations.
    Shellbell - we use to have a cat and he loved knocking the decorations off the tree
    Jenni- I have had alot of free time on my hands lately, now that uni is over, so christmas shopping has been one of my forms of entertainment. I am not usually this organised.
    Thanks for your comments x


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