Saturday, December 26, 2009

When its all said and done

It has always amazed me how much effort we put into christmas for weeks beforehand and than it seems to end so quickly. It is all worth it though to have a day with family, friends, yummy food and of course pressies.

We got up yesterday morning and opened our pressies. Nothing makes me happier than the look on someone's face when you have got them the perfect gift.

My dad and sister opening their presents.

We than had an amazing lunch with all the usual yummy food plus huge prawns for entrees (prawns are my favourite so this was a huge treat for me).

Delicious christmas food

I than headed out to Brendans parents house were we had more presents, more food and scrabble. It was a pretty low key day but really made me appreciate all the amazing people i have in my life and how its the simple things that really make life worth living.

I thought i would share some of my favourite pressies with you, as however materialistic it is I love seeing what other people got for christmas.

My FOUR pairs of Peter Alexanderpj's, yup I love them!

Scarfs, headband (does it look familar?), Ray Martins autobiography, tree of life necklace, my Kiki K 2010 diary and make up bag.

Than the electronics; electric salt and peper shakers, set top box and digital photo frame!

Overall, it was a wonderful christmas and I was very spoilt. I am spending boxing day in my pjs reading my book, writing letters, catching up on blogs and later watching movies with my sister. I hope everyone had a truelly magical christmas and  I look forward to hearing everyones stories. Now bring on the NewYears celebrations!


  1. what lovely gifts!!! those pj's look lovely. I'm the same way, i like to see what everyone gets too ;) so thanks for sharing.

    btw- THANK YOU for your kindness! i got your parcel on Christmas Eve and it was so sweet of you, i was incredibly touched! the ornament is BEAUTIFUL. i loved it when i saw what you sent your ornament partner. You are just the sweetest girl ever! thank you!!!

    ps. i NEED one of those headbands!!! so cute. could it be from the craft goddess herself? ;) belen, you are talented! megs, take a pic wearing it?

    happy christmas indeed! it is crazy how fast it all goes huh?

  2. That sounds so wonderful!!! LOVE those PJS! Ive never heard of them before! Thanks for stopped by and for the kind words on my engagement! (EEk! It still seems weird to say!)

  3. WOW lucky you! You got spoilt. Peter Alexadner pj's...I'm jealous!

  4. happy holiday hope u had a great day x

  5. Electric salt and pepper shakers? What? HaHa.

    You did get some good gifts though! I loves those Pj's they are adorable. Glad to hear that you had a super Christmas. :) Merry belated one sweetie!

  6. And I meant to mention that the food you showed looks so delish. Looks like you ate very well :)

  7. Micaela - Not a worry lovely, I am glad that it arrived just in time for christmas, just a little thankyou for organising everything.I will definately take a photo with the headband!

    Jenni - Haha yes electric salt and pepper shakers, I wasnt expecting those but i am sure they will be useful.

    Thanks for all the well wishes, will be making my way around to read about all of your chrissies. x

  8. That's quite a fabulous haul! Those jammies are lovely.

  9. Wow! Looks fantastic! Ohh my gosh I love Peter Alexander PJ's! They are so comfy! I definitely need to get a few of those sometime soon. You got a great haul though.

    I also have the Kikki.K 2010 diary. Though I bought it for myself lol. I truly hope your Christmas was fabulous! x


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