Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Body love Wednesday

So I wanted to change the direction of this project a little. I want to focus on the things I love about my body and not focus entirely on the things I want to change. I want this to be a positive journey for me and anyone else along on the ride, thus the name change.

Firstly check out this delicious receipe for rissoles, I left out the egg and cheese and they still taste amazing.

Secondly, I think that alot of the time we (myself included) give ourselves and our bodies a really hard time so this week I encourage you to do something to reward yourself. Here are just a few suggestions:
*Check out your local beauty school (they usually have discounted prices) and book yourself in for a massage or facial.
*Try a new dance class in your local area, how about Jazzercise or Zomba?
* Run a hot bath and soak for awhile and catch up on one of your favourite magazines.
*Create a meal based entirely on fresh produce, better yet invite a friend over and make it together.
*Give yourself a medi/pedi
*Take an hour out of your day to do something that you enjoy. Read a book, cook a cake, catch up on your favourite blog.
*Get 8 hours of sleep or have a little sleep in on the weekend, your body will thankyou.
*There is alot of fun swaps happeneing in the blogosphere (check out my right column) join one and send something to put a smile on someone elses face

Thirdly I lost 1.1kg this week, so it is good to see the changes I am making are working (even if I did have chinese twice last week).

Make sure you spoil yourself this week, you deserve it.


  1. Same to you! I definitely will be treating myself to FOOD, I'm in love with it, but I'm keeping it healthy. I think on this week, I'm going to design another clutch (i'm a designer also) and maybe do some writings. Oddly enough, would you believe I don't like to READ much literature. I feel most writers are boring, predictible and typical. So whenever I find a GOOD read (either in a small passage or blog) I'm a fan.........well, I do have a short attention span. Perhaps, I'll also work on my patience a little too ::::smile::::::

  2. Oooh, I love these suggestions! I am all about massages and bubble baths. I hope your week is fantastic!

  3. congrats onthe weight lose! I make those rissoles from the exact same site, I use alot of their recipes so so yummy!

  4. :) funny you said to spoil ourselves... oh, i suuuuure did. :) we had a big seafood dinner, yet i think i did a pretty good job of following up with some gym time! :)

  5. Spoil myself, eh? Well if you are ordering me too then I suppose I can try ;) I love this idea though. I agree with you that we sure as heck don't give our bodies enough credit. Like after eight days my body kicked that sickness' butt and now I'm healthy and happy again. Hooray!

    Congrats on the loss of 1.1kg... it's only the beginning woman!

  6. These are great ideas, Megan.

    I've got myself committed to exercising and am trying to get to bed a little bit earlier at night.

    I am so all over the massage or facial or something at the local beauty school. I'm going to see if I can get an appointment next week.

    I'm doing a Valentine swap and the book swap. So much fun to get a little love in the post.

    Well done, you, on your weight loss. You are off to a flying start!

  7. I have been planning on taking a bath and read up on magazines since so long but haven't gotten the time! It's about time!
    if you want to take part in the Sisterhood of the Blogosphere, please mail me your name, Blog URL and facebook link asap!
    If you've already done this, please ignore this!

  8. amazing post m! good for you for putting yourself first. your post today was inspiring. thanks so much!

  9. i love this post!! we were on the same page today! i am definitely gonna try some of these little tips. I LOOOVE ZUMBA! and i want to start reading books everyday!
    so i am super excited to see that you are in the book swap as well! i can't wait for it!
    and girl you have no idea, i nearly died when i saw the teaser/trailer for sex and the city 2. EPIC.

  10. Looks like everyones doing almost the same things this week.. :D I've finished a book this week.. Do read the review on my blog.

    and I'm looking forward for a manicure, pedicure and a facial to treat myself!

    And heyyy you are my blogosphere sister :D I've added you on Facebook. Looking forward to get to know you better. and oh I've made a badge of your blog. You can see it there on mine :D I know its not that good. I didn't know how to make one. I tried. Hope you'll like it. I'll try to make a better one. Have a wonderful week !

    P.S. That sandwich looks scrumptious.

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