Monday, January 11, 2010

Excuse me while I have a whinge

Today I went back to the gym for the first time in months, and while it probably seems like I am making excuses for myself, I was reminded why I havent been for so long.
My gym is literally in a tin shed! This would be fine except there is no air conditioning which means when your in a tin shed and its 38 degrees outside it is like a million degrees inside. I must give them credit they had two fans operating that I based my entire workout in front of.
My gym is also very macho, I was the only girl there with 20 men sweating it out. I should be confident and go on with my workout as if their not there but I just cant help but feel intimidated. I didnt do any weights because I worry they'll watch me and laugh or tell me I am doing it wrong.
Oh boo hoo I know I am being silly but I just left not feeling satisfied. My membership runs out in early March so I think I will have to look for a new gym (any suggestions if anyone from Canberra reads this?) until than I am just going to go to the classes in the air conditioned room full of lots of other women.
Sorry about the big rant but just needed to get it out, I am sure it will be better when I got back tomorrow.What is your gym like? What makes you love/ hate it? I need some guidance for the next gym I choose.


  1. My gym is great. It's a women's only fitness centre in a brand new building, with lots of equipment (I like the elliptical trainer and the treadmills especially), including all sorts of weight machines. There are personal trainers to help you create a workout plan, there's air conditioning in the summer, and lots of group fitness classes to choose from (like yoga, kickboxing, step aerobics, etc.) And the best part? It's about a 10 minute walk from my house (and right next door to a Starbucks! so I can go for a green tea and some quiet time by myself afterwards!)

  2. Hey you're not whinging. I refused to go to the unisex gym here in Singleton because I do not want to see sweaty dirty men. I joined a womens only gym called Contours. Canberra should have one or even Curves, but being a capital city there should be a womens only gym. they are more friendly and they really help you with your goals etc. most gyms now have a free day pass so you can check it out before you sign up.

  3. I don't even bother going to our gym.
    I went once with my ex boyfriend & all the equipment is old... the whole place is just full of big sweaty men.
    I live in a mining town so I guess that's what is to be expected.
    Good luck with finding a new gym! Keep us posted :)

  4. It is hot in australia at the moment, I can understand why you'd want to find a new gym with A/C!

  5. I tried going to a gym but i felt as if I had to be in perfect shape to begin with just to go in!

    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for the lovely comments, i really appreciate it


  7. Oh Meg! Don't let those guys intimidate you! That's how I feel all the time too, but somehow being the only girl really boosts my confidence. Sometimes I like to think that they're more impressed by our girl power than they would be humored by it.

    It makes me laugh sometimes because there are some buff guys that like to run on the machine directly next to me despite the numerous other machines across the gym's floor. There were two men in particular who tried showing off their muscles and would have a conversation about their lives right next to me and they seemed like they were trying to impress me. It was hilarious. :)

    So next time you're out there and you're surrounded by all men, think "girl power!" ... And me! :P

    Love ya!

  8. It's hard to work out with buffed up guys are around. I mean you could try Fitness First. They have women only areas in the gym (with weights and treadmills etc). Or join a women's only gym like Fernwood Fitness for Females.
    Besides that I'm not really sure. Maybe you just need a gym buddy who will help you and encourage you. I'm sure though the more you go the more you won't care about everyone else around you. x


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