Sunday, January 10, 2010

Inbox ~ Outbox

This weeks incoming mail...

I got this from the lovely Micaela. She mentioned that it reminded her of the The Great Gatsby which I haven't read so is now on my must read list.

A lovely thankyou note from my holiday swap partner. It got lost in the mail so was floating around in oblivion, but am glad it finally arrived and that she liked her pressie.

Outgoing mail.....

Postcards to postcrossers and followers.

And than this one for Micaela's brother who is currently serving in Iraq. Check out her post for more details.

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and a big hello to new followers, I love having you here.


  1. i love post crossing. i joined fairly recently, but absolutely adore the idea!

    its so wonderful you sent micaela's brother a post card. i thought it was such a great post and so glad she got all of us involved. he deserves all the recognition and support in the world!


  2. the g'day from down under postcard makes me smile. thanks! :)

  3. I really want to get back into postcrossing after the wedding. I had so much fun. I love the ones you sent and received.
    Mail = love

  4. I love mail - both sending and receiving them! :)

  5. "You've got mail"... three of the loveliest words, don't you think?

    I am excited to start using all my new stationery. Shall I send you a little note from Canada?

    I sent Micaela's brother a Christmas card. I love the idea that he's about to receive mail from all over the world, because of her blog!

  6. I love snail mail! It's awesome that you're keeping up such a fine tradition:)

  7. LOVE that postcard that Micaela sent you, so adorable. :]

    - L

  8. Cute! Have you received anything from meeeee yet? :)

  9. I ADORE YOU for sending my brother a postcard, and such a beautiful one. That and Erin & Kate's comment made me tear up :*) you girls are divine, and i'm so glad to call you friends.

    L. Nicole, thank you! i'm loving your postal blog.



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