Thursday, January 28, 2010

A little trip away

My time in Melbourne was Amazing, it was really nice to get away from the "real" world and spend a couple of fun filled days with good friends. We spent Sunday night with one of my best friends from uni who moved to Melbourne last year. He became like a big brother to me at uni and I love getting to see him. We had a few drinks and than headed to the casino (Melbourne has the best casino in Aus). I dont really like gambling so i let the boys go and I just enjoyed watching all the different people there. Unfortunately no wins but I think the boys had fun.

Brendan and me out the front of my friends apartment.
Monday was spent eating and shopping, two of my favourite things! Than Tuesday we headed to Big Day Out. I had never been to a music festival this big and it was hard to comprehend that 60,000 people were going to be there, it was massive. It was such a fun day, and one of my highlights was hearing the Temper Trap sing Sweet Disposition (think 500 days of Summer) it sent shivers up my spine. Lily Allen was pretty good too, but we were way back in the crowd and couldnt see her very well. I didnt realise she was retiring, apparently this was one of her last shows.

Our little gang.

Lily Allen and how ridiculously far back we were.

Overall an amazing few days away and now I am exhausted and have a 101 things to catch up on. Let me know how your week is going.


  1. Your outfit turned out great! You look adorable! Welcome back!

  2. I have no idea what to wear to BDO in Perth this Sunday. I might have to go shopping when I get into the city on Saturday :)
    Oh I can't wait to see Lily Allen.. she's retiring? What?!

    Welcome back Megan! Glad you had a great time away :)

  3. how amazing!!!!!

    I LOOOOVE your glasses!

    you were missed, and i'm glad you're back :)


  4. Lilly Allen's retiring? I'm surprised I never heard anything about that. Looks like you had a great trip!

  5. Meghan - Thanks!
    Ebony and Vanessa - I know I had no idea she was retiring but she mentioned it during her show apparently she had a fight with the record label
    Micaela - Thanks, I love my glasses too their Chloe i got them for my 21st.

  6. Oh man, I wish I could visit Australia one day. So beautiful! I have a friend who moved there while we were still in school, and it was just supposed to be temporary, but it's so great she never left!

  7. sounds like a wonderful time!
    i love that you admitted to people watching. i love doing that in the arrivals area of an airport.

  8. Fun, Fun, Fun, FUN! Seriously, can I come next time? I need a vacation just like this. :)

  9. sounds like so much fun!!
    and i'm loving the new thrift shirt! looks adorable! and i'm so jealous you saw lily allen AND temper trap sing sweet disposition. my favorite! {i need to go ahead and buy that movie already.. it's so darn cute!} and a day of eating and shopping..throw in michael cera and thats my dream day right there!!


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