Friday, January 29, 2010

Mail Heavy Post

So today I have managed to write 10 postcards woswsers I am literally postcarded out. I just want to share a few of my favourites with you....

These are two I am sending out for my swap on swap - bot. If you dont know what swapbot is check out their website. Its pretty much just a website that allows you to swap anything and everything with people all over the world. This is my first one so will let you know how it goes.
I love my vintage advertisement postcards and find them very hard to seperate with.

The next two are going to bloggy friends!

I have also received some amazing mail this week as well....

A gorgeous thankyou card from Summer, arent the stamps lovely?
And this gorgeous postcard from Erin in Canada.

I received this postcard from Postmuse as part of her orphaned postcard project.

And this one from Lauren, which reminded me i really want to see this movie.

For a great Giveaway check out Bianca's blog, the giveaway is packed with great stationery and is a celebration of reaching 100 followers woot woo!

Have you guys checked out Kiki K's new "Love Mail" range? I have my eye on these few things....

Love Mail Sticker Book

Reusable mailbag

Camera Kit
Wooden stamp set
It is taking every ounce of my strength not to get my credit card out and purchase these little babies.


  1. Aw, I wish so much there was a Kiki K in Newcastle somewhere, that stuff looks amazing! Thanks for the giveaway shout out too! :)

  2. On second thoughts, I just checked and there IS one in Newcastle, but I've never seen it before! I wish I had money to blow, I'd go find it asap!

  3. Completed my first swap-bot swap a couple of weeks ago and loved it! Hope you have a lot of fun with it!

  4. Awwwwww, these stickers... I want them all! XD

  5. awww! yay for snail mail. i love it so much! love love love it!

  6. awwww summer & erin, my fave girls!!!

    i need to find out about the swap-bot swap? i've never heard of it but i remember you talking about it a few posts back. It reminds me of when i was younger and the main reason that got me into pen palling- i would swap stuff from the US for stuff of Robbie Williams in Europe. I've always loved maiing letters, but Robbie Williams magazine articles- i'll never forget that. LOL

    Bianca's giveaway is fabulous! agreed. (as was yours)

    happy weekend love!!!


  7. I love this post! Looking forward to Kateigh's book swap. :)

  8. YAY! You got my postcard! Have you still not received my letter?! Geez, I am really loathing the postal service right now. I still haven't gotten a letter Bianca sent me over a week ago. :[ Anyway, love the 'mail heavy' post! <3 Post more mail-themed goodness, please! :]
    - L

  9. Oh I love postcards, I've got a little collection started from all my friends that have been going on holidays lately, I would love more though

    Also I'm very jealous that you have those shoes gladiators I posted :(

  10. I love the Sunlight Soap post card. I had a thrill shoppin for vintage clutches today. Check out the goods. Hugs!

  11. Just discovered your blog through swap-bot (you've got a card on the way from me - Senders choise #6) and love it! I'm a new follower of yours now and looking forward to seeing more post about post!

    my REAL wall


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