Monday, January 4, 2010

Missing my mail

I have been away from my mailbox for over two weeks now and am very much missing checking for mail everyday. Though I did receive my lovely earrings from Nicole at My teacups in peony which I had redirected to my parents address and I love them, I am wearing them right now and would share a photo but am all sweaty from taking the dog for a walk. Gosh I am the tangent queen aren't I? Anyway this post is to share all my favourite snailmail blogs/ internet sites in case your interested in checking them out.

1. Postcrossing

Send and receive postcards from all over the world, what more is there to say? I love getting these postcards and sharing experiences with people from all over the world

2. We've got paper

Is a great blog that interviews different penpals each week. Julie also has a fabulous etsy shop full of gorgeous stationery.

"A celebration of snail mail" a blog completely devoted to the art of letter writing! I love seeing all the fantastic mail that is sent out and received. Isn't it amazing what the old fashioned art of letter writing can achieve.

These two ladies started a project of having people send them postcards that they had altered in some way. My postcard even featured a few weeks ago, Altered trees.

Last year Carla wrote 365 letters, one a day. Which is an amazing effort in itself but also managed to blog about it as well. This year she is giving out tips on letters to write, letter writing blogs and pretty much anything in general related to snail mail but isnt committing to writing a letter a day and I cant blame her after her amazing achievement last year. Once again Carla has a gorgeous etsy store stocking all her lovely stationery.

6. My blogging, letter writing friends

I have blogged about these girls before and their amazing mail posts, but hey what is one more time?  Check out Belen, Bianca and Lauren's beautiful mail posts, these girls always inspire me to be more creative.

I also want to say a big thankyou to everyone who has entered my give away. I am off to Sydney tomorrow to visit my sister and look forward to sharing our adventures when I get back. Wishing you a great first week of the year.
Ps If you would like to receive a postcard from Sydney send me an email and I will send one your way!


  1. when i'm away for a few days, it's so nice to come back to a full mailbox b/c usually that means there will be at least one piece of *fun mail* amidst the pile of bills/junk!

    thanks for the list of blogs/sites. i'm a bit annoyed with postcrossing peeps these days b/c it seems to be taking an inordinately long time to register my cards that i've sent!

    sweating with the dog? i'm jealous. it's a lovely 9C here. :( luckily, my hubby takes out the pup.

  2. Thank you for all these links!
    I'm checking out "We've got paper" right now.
    Have a blast in Sydney.

  3. I miss mail too! :( I hope this year will be a mail filled year for both of us :)

    And I haven't seen some of those sites so thank you! I will be checking them out really soon!

  4. Thanks for the link and the compliments, I appreciate it!

  5. Look at that, I'm 'featured'! Awww thanks Megs, I appreciate it! <3 I am so close to finishing the mail blog site, this kind of stuff just makes me want to have it done so much more. :]
    - L


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