Friday, January 15, 2010

My first envelope creations

Today I had a few spare hours at work, I have one of those jobs where its either crazy busy or completely dead. I decided to try and make some of my own envelopes, after admiring many made by other bloggers. All I had at my disposal was a magazine so thats why their all decorated with magazine stuff. I kinda like that they all have a "theme" and can be matched with the person they get sent to.

"Interior decorating"

"Festival Fashion"


This one is just a collage of images/words I liked.

I used this guide to make them if your interested.
I went and saw Avatar last night. I really enjoyed it but am not sure if it lived up to all the hype.
Wishing you all a fantastic weekend. Were off tonight for a friends birthday, pizza and wine :-)


  1. Aw, they look awesome! I especially like the bottom one featuring Zooey. The pizza was pretty amazing, we get the same one every time and they deliver free. I think there's a Crust place in Canberra in Braddon (my parents were trying to find it when they were there but it was closed for Christmas). I think Vegemite must be a real acquired taste, I have no idea how I came to enjoy it, but I can't help but love it. My sister spreads it on things a centimetre thick!

  2. I need to get around to making my envelopes! I use to scrapbook a lot, but then it just got expensive to keep up with. So now I have TONS of scrapbooking paper and nothing to use it for!

    Did you see Avatar in 3D?! I think it would've been best if you'd seen it in 3D first. I LOVE THE MOVIE, and that special feature was amazing. :) I saw it again later in regular, and it wasn't as great. :D I can't wait for the DVD!

  3. Great job!! I've never really made any yet. I just make my own envelopes with paper and sometimes fabric.

    I loooveeee Avatar! I watched it normal and 3D and it was even more awesome in 3D! Have a really lovely weekend!x

  4. really delightful creations that will put a smile on the faces of those who's mailboxes they end up in :)

    ooh and the dessert below made me SO hungry and it's 1:30 a.m. ha i need to get to bed.

    i loved Avatar! :) it reminded me of Fern Gully.


  5. These are so thoughtful and cute! Nice work!

  6. thanks for the lovely comment Megan - your blog is completely in my love list. these envelopes are fantastic, what a great idea and I saw Avatar this week too, I felt the same way :)

  7. Girl these are so cute! I really like that first and third one. You are one creative chick. Me so jealous. Maybe one day you can send me one ;)

  8. ps. i love the happy tag and will get to it, promise! for now, care to indulge 7 Megan factuals? ;)

  9. oooooo such an awesome idea, I have penpals so thats an great way to be different.

  10. Very unique! I'm a collage artist myself......the idea is cool :)

  11. they look great! I loved avatar as well, but my husband loved it more :)

  12. Megan these are really cool! the interior decorating one is my favorite!

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  14. I still only send mail in my own envelopes. There's just such a thrill sending a piece of art through the postal service.

  15. love your envelopes m! keep it up!


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