Monday, January 18, 2010

Sharing my space

I love when people share photos of their houses and creative spaces. These photos are of my study/wardrobe. There are still a few things I want to add and change to this space but its definately getting

This is the photo I took so you could kind of see how big the room is. I am thinking of putting a reading chair under the window in that white space.

My bookshelf. Full of law text books and odds and ends. I got the print of the Moulin Rogue in Paris for like $4 and I love it. The Jewellery box is from Ikea, it only cost $20 but took about 5 hours to put together and than another 5 hours of painting.

My desk where I study, write letters and of course blog. My postcard wall is slowly getting bigger.

Another Paris print and photos from when Brendan and I climbed the harbour bridge.

Clothes rack, stuff that was fuing out of the wardrobe.

Another little set of shelves full of handbags, beanies and jewellery.

Sorry about the poor quaity of the photos, photography is definately not one of my strengths.


  1. So exciting that you and your husband are moving to Scotland for a year!! You will love it, but the cold does take a bit of getting used to. A couple of years ago I flew from Melbourne to Glasgow on the 22nd December, after being in New Zealand/Australia for 6 months. It was the height of summer in Melbourne when we left, but so so so dark and cold and the middle of winter when we arrived in Glasgow. It took me a month to re-adjust to Scottish weather!!


    ps: your study/wardrobe looks great! I wish I had a space like that!!

  2. Aha, I can see my yellow cow! :D

  3. i agree. i love seeing people's spaces. you can tell so much about someone by their homes.

    i love your little work space. it looks so cozy!


  4. Great space. I love peeking into people's houses (not literally!) and being inspired. I have a board with all my favourite postcards on it. And now I've got one from Australia! Yours arrived on Friday. Thank you! I'm writing back with a very West Coast of Canada type card. Watch the post!

  5. You little study/wardrobe is amazing! I want one. I especially like your desk with the postcards above it. Man I need to move out ASAP so I can decorate and have fun spaces like this.

  6. where did you find a clothes rack? lol i totally need one of those so that i don't have piles of clothes all over the floor.

  7. I see the stylist in you! Great eye for cozy too!

  8. Love the clothes rack......, I would need one to short out each outfit i intend on wearing thru out the week. I like to plan 2 weeks ahead of what Im going to wear from top to bottom :)

  9. I really love seeing people's spaces. It's just so interesting to see where everyone blogs, writes etc. I love your prints and your growing postcard collection.
    It's a very personalised space with all your photos and other bits. Thanks for sharing. xx

  10. Love it you have a real cute eclectic taste!

  11. great space and even better that you are creating a little haven for yourself.


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