Sunday, January 31, 2010

This weekend...

This weekend I...
*Caught up with old friends
*Went to a body pump class and am now suffering the consequences
*Went to a new friends birthday lunch
*Babysat a one, three, four and five year old, challenging and exhausting to say the least
*Spoke to a good friend on the phone
*Cleaned out the shed and the cobwebs
*Had my eyebrows waxed...ouch
*Dreamed about my future tattoo
*Watched Julie and Julia, and loved it.
*Went to our neighbours and watched Federer beat Murray in the Australian open (i was going for Murray)
*Quietly didnt mind that Brendan stole my copy of Valley of the Dolls to read for himself
What did you get up to this weekend?


  1. Oh wow! A body pump class? Sounds tough!

    I had dinner with friends, watched Up in the Air, and spent time relaxing after a crazy week!

  2. Dang, a body pump class! I need to get going on working on my muscles. I'm getting flabby. Lol.

  3. Spent the entire weekend at my grandma's..I need some me time now!

  4. a future tattoo?? what's it look like???

    and i loved julie and julia!

  5. what a lovely weekend!!
    i love julie and julia! meryl streep is too perfect! and doesn't it just make you want to spend all day cooking and eating!! now that i think about it i might have to go rent that movie tonight!! and tattoos!! how fun! what are you thinking about getting?!

  6. wow, you were a busy bunny this weekend! i envy your stamina in the "body pump" department,wish i could get motivated to start working out again. i know i would feel better once i get back into it, but the beginning is the hardest part.
    i DID do a lot of photowalking though, even though it was -20 outside! apparently i'm insane and obsessed ;)

  7. Thanks for all your comments guys! Hope you all had wonderful weekends too. As for my tattoo the reason i can only dream is because i cannot make up my mind what to get. I want it to incorporate an owl, a cup of tea, books and few other things, i need to get someone to draw something up for me.


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