Saturday, January 23, 2010


Today is meant to be a productive day for me but I seem to be moving at snail pace. I am trying to pack for Melbourne but keep distracting myself. I dont think i mentioned that the reason I am going to Melbourne is to go to Big Day Out which is a HUGE music festival in Aus. The main person I am looking forward to seeing is this little miss...

The festival is on in Sydney today where it is apparently 42 degrees celcius about 106 degrees fahrenheit. So hoping that it cools down by Tuesday.
I went to an op shop today in the next suburb that was having a sale and got a top that I adore and am going to wear at the festival. I also found some gorgeous earrings all for a painstaking $6. I love thrifting but am not very good at it, would love any tips from the professionals out there.

The colours are more vibrant in real life and it is a very light weight material, perfect for the heat.

I also hit up the gym today and did a little bit of shopping and bought my Valentines Day Swap partner a few little things. I have seen a few things on etsy that I think I will get her as well. Anyway I guess I should get back to the packing. Hope you all have a great weekend and I will be back in a few days.
Oh and wow 56 followers! When I first started this blog I thought I would be lucky to reach 10 followers. Thankyou so much for reading and I do try and visit each and every one of you as often as I can.


  1. eeeee! lily allen at big day out! that's wicked, i can't wait to hear all about it! who else is on the bill?

    i think your thrift finds are nifty! thrifting is definitely a skill worth developing. i used to be terrible at it, but with some practice i got much better. basically i have a few shops that i spend a lot of time in... eventually you get to know the kinds of items they get in, and if you go often and pay attention, that's when you start to notice things and really find the gems. especially in smaller shops, get to know the staff, and then once they sort of know you, you can ask them what kind of stuff they have in their back room!

    so much fun! stay cool, xox.

  2. LILY ALLEN! oh i love her! how fun! definitely you will have to take lots of photos!!
    and tips for thriting?! after seeing those two purchases i say you are perfect! i am dying over those earrings! and how cute will that shirt look with a skinny belt!! and congrats on all your followers! i was with you, i was like "i'll be lucky if i can get my sister to read this!" ha, have fun!

  3. oh my goodness! so jealous of you on both accounts- AMAZING finds to wear at an AMAZING event!!!

    have a marvelous time and tell us about it for sure.

    i agree with chelsea, wear that with a skinny belt and boots tucked into jeans! :)

    HURRAY for all your followers! i am the same... i was pleased with my 10 followers and it's grown to more than i could have ever imagined.

    ooh i shopped for my vday swap partner too :) i got most of it off of etsy just because hello, how can you not love shopping hand-made from talented artists right? ;) plus being new to my city, i still have yet to figure out the cute shops.

    SO EXCITED for it! i also got my book ordered for kate's swap.

    CHEERS to your upcoming fun xoxo

  4. I'm just finished shopping for a Happy Mail swap and it was uber fun!

    Congrats on the finds and on the followers! :)

  5. I love the outfit you selected - can't wait to hear about the festival!

  6. Love the shirt-it's so comfy and yet subtly trendy.
    Btw, what Valentine's Day swap?
    Oh, and enjoy the festival. :)

  7. I got to see Lily at glasto last year - she's excellent - I hope you have an awesome time at BDO! & that top = super cute. Love it.

  8. Go you on all the followers! 56 - woot, woot! And those earrings are amazing. Love them so very much.

  9. Lily Allen! Have fun! I would love to go with you! A bit far being in Arizona. I will listen to Lily on ipod today for you! I want to see the earrings on you. Lovely pics while shopping!


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