Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Body Love Wednesday

Ok, I am going to put it out there I dont really enjoy exercise. I have never been a very co - ordinated person so never excelled at team sports, I am also a wee bit lazy and would prefer to a read a book. As I get older though I am realising how important it is too exercise, it reduces your risk of alot of not so nice diseases and gives you a good release of endorphins. So to try and make it more enjoyable I am trying to spice it up and do different things each week. At the moment my weekly routine looks a little like this -
Monday - Netball
Tuesday - Spin class
Wednesday - Pump
Thursday - Yoga
Friday - Cardio session at the gym
Saturday/Sunday - Swim/Walk
This is the plan for the month and than I will try and change it around again. What do you do to make exercise enjoyable? Whats your favourite workout?
And on the weightloss front I lost another .5kg Yay!! Its a slow process but I feel like I am getting there.
Thankyou so much for everyones lovely comments yesterday. It made our anniversary a little more sweeter being able to share the story with you guys.


  1. Wow your pretty busy on the exercise front. I just go to a womens gym where there is a circuit with equipment and the instructors help with exercisers. I'm tell ing you the more you exercise the more you'll like it. I enjoy it now.

  2. I don't like exercise either but I have found a few ways to make it bearable.

    1. I download free podcasts from The Moth and listen to them on my iPod while on the treadmill or elliptical. It makes the time go by so fast and I usually get to hear a really funny story too.

    2. Grab a buddy and go to the gym together. Knowing I have to meet someone at the gym is a huge motivator for me.

    3. My gym has a steam room - I've made a deal with mnyself that I won't go in it unless I work out. It's a great reinforcer and reward for me.

    You are doing great!

  3. WOW! what a wonderful exercise schedule!!! i need to add more variety to my routine! usually i'll do one or two classes then the boring elliptical. the only way i really can get through a work out is music!!! HOORAY FOR YOUR WEIGHT LOSS! keep up the good work!!
    and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! you two are way too adorable!

  4. Sounds like you are super busy + varied with your exercise - I'm sure you won't get bored as you have something different to look forward to each day :)
    I really enjoy pilates + yoga - I have a few dvds + love doing them first thing in the morning for a good start to the day - mind + body :)


  5. I love doing different sorts of activities, but I always need a buddy, which means I'm pretty lazy on my own because then exercise isn't fun, it's more like a chore. I should do more, though...I'm not getting any younger!

  6. jeeez, mind being my coach? that's wonderful! I should do the same. :)

  7. Oh wow, your exercise schedule is very impressive!
    Congrats on losing the 5 kg...well done.

  8. wow! what an exerciser you are! i'm impressed.

    my favorite workout is zumba. it's like aerobic latin dance. super fun! they have workout videos...looks sort of cheesy (depending on the instructor), but it's fun and burns a crazy amount or calories!

    way to be dedicated to fitness :).

  9. wow that sounds busy!
    if only i could be like that.

    great blog!

    check out-

  10. That sounds fantastic. I'm like you and I'm still not into the working out mode. Soon. Maybe.

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