Monday, February 8, 2010

Book Swap and Book Club

Hello All, I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was extremely busy with a welcome home party for my housemate and catching up with my best friend who was visiting for the weekend.
Guess what arrived on Friday morning? My bookswap book from Nahl. It looks like a really interesting book and I love that it has such a strong connection to Nahl because it is based in home town. It was also the first letter/package I have received from Pakistan so that also made it special. I am hopefully going to be able to sit down and read it on the weekend.

My friend also held her first bookclub on Sunday afternoon. It was alot of fun we got to sit around and eat cupcakes and drink ice tea and discuss one of my favourite things, books. The first book we read was 'The Reader', we discussed it for an hour which surprised me and I enjoyed hearing about the different impact the book had on people. I have to say I saw the movie first and loved the movie and the book, everyone else read the book than saw the movie and hated the movie, which i think is interesting. I think people (including myself) get attatched to books and the image they have in their heads of the characters and the scenes and i think that it is hard for movies to compete with peoples imaginations. The next book were reading is Mao's last dancer. Anywho I am rambling and have to go to class in 20 minutes. First day back and I am lacking enthusiasm, not a good start.

Ps Does anyone know a good blog designer this place needs a makeover and I am hopeless?


  1. I also loved The Reader - I totally cried when I read it and watched the movie!

    a book club! so fun!
    and so exciting to get a package somewhere you've never gotten it before.

    {i don't know of any blog designers but i recently did a makeover and now {slightly} understand the html codes... so if you need any help i'd love to!}

  3. Aaah! You got it. Yayie. I'm so sorry it was in such a haphazard manner, but i went to the post office on the 31st and they said it'll take ten days to reach which is why I thought-no time to write with coloured pens or make a bookmark.
    Hope you enjoy the book. :)

  4. i love this idea! in fact, i may copy it! i am majorly in need of some new books.

  5. yay for book clubs & yay for new swapped books!!

    so glad you like your book. nahl fabulous choice!
    ill have to get myself a copy so i can read all about your hometown.

    monica stay tuned. there will be another swap at the end of march!!


  6. aw, how awesome to get a book swap from Pakistan and from Nahl- a sweetheart! let me know how the book goes.. sounds like a great collection.

    "the reader"-- LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
    speaking of book clubs... i need to hurry and finish "breaking dawn" so i can start on the slow reader's one.

    ps. me likey the new layout :) and! i sent something your way so hopefully you get it soon. xo

  7. let me know what you think of the book. nahl recommended it to me too. :) what a small blog world.

  8. yeah the book will always be better than the movie- you put your heart and imagination into them and they always have more room for details and getting you attached the characters and story because well a book can pretty much be however long it wants to be but a movie you've got what 2 hours? yeah I always try to go into a movie where I've read the book knowing that it will be like an addition to how awesome the book was but never anywhere near as good


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