Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A little mailbag and a SWAP update!


Firstly, this gorgeous envelope from a swap - bot decorated envie swap. I love the Alice and Wonderland theme as I cant wait to see the movie. Did you know the actress who plays Alice is originally from Canberra, cool hey? I also love that she addressed it Megan "Sparkle" I wonder if she did that on purpose?
This is a postcard from a swap bot postcard swap. It is all the way from London and I just love it!

This gorgeous letter from Melody. She is only 13 and abolutely blew me away with her insight, not like any other 13 year old I have meet before! I love that she covered the envelope in random facts.


Both of these envelopes were made from the vintage calendar i bought. I ended up making twelve of them as I was so happy with the way they turned out.

I bought some little Golden Books from the op shop last week to make some envelopes with. This is my first attempt.

Only a little mail bag today. Uni is really kicking my butt at the moment and interferring with my letter writing and blogging. Hopefully I will be able to catch up on the weekend. My mum and sister are coming to visit this afternoon to stay for two nights. I cant wait, I miss them both so much. Were having a big cook up tonight which should be fun.

Now for a swap update! As you may have seen the swap closes at 12am on the 26th February (this Friday) just note this is Australian time if you are joining from overseas. I have sent out emails to all those who are interested in participating, if you do not reply to this email you will not be apart of the swap. If you have not received an email please let me know as soon as possible. I will be sending out emails over the weekend notifying people of their swap partner. You than have until the 16th March to send out your package.
Gee, i hope that all makes sense please feel free to ask questions, and once again thanks for participating. At the moment we have over 30 swappers which is more than I could have ever anticipated, you have made me one happy little camper :-)


  1. Your swap sounds like fun. I would so want to participate but right now I'm barely working and so many expenses (getting married, buying a house and having a honeymoon really hits you hard!).

    Hopefully you will have another one sometime. Oh and love all your outgoing and incoming mail. P.S. I can't wait for Alice in Wonderland!! x

  2. I'm excited for the swap. I had to stop myself buying stationery today... I want to find out who my partner is first so I can choose the perfect bits and pieces just for her.

    Can't wait!!!

    PS: Thanks for your email. x

  3. Wow.
    I'm such a spazz. I was super sick and totally forgot that I already mailed that letter because I forgot to write in my mail journal.
    So... expect a second "first" letter from me soon. xD I'm stupid, sorry!
    Hope this doesn't make you think less of me.

  4. That first letter is tooooo cute!

  5. I cannot wait for the swap! Thanks for putting this together!

  6. looking forward to the swap.
    hope your day is lovely.

  7. im soo excited for your swap!!! and cant wait to find out who my swap partner will be so i can get started :D


  8. Hi!
    I'm curious. What's this swapbot thing?
    Sounds like an awesome idea, how does it work?

  9. How exciting!! I would love to be part of the swap!!

  10. Goodness, what gorgeous swaps those are! ;)

  11. aw I definitely want to participate in the swap! it sounds so fun!

    my e-mail address is imnotyour_star(at)yahoo(dot)com


  12. i'm jealous of all of this mail you get! it would make me so happy to see these in my mailbox ^_^


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