Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mailbag - pretty postcards and envelopes.

This week I was so excited with all the mail I got, mostly postcards, I will share my favourites with you!
From a swapbotter in Canada

From Emily in Texas

From Veera in Finland

An - ting in Thaiwan - how cute are all the little dolls?

A cute map of Spain, unfortunately I couldnt read the name on the back.

Than this one that I adore, I mentioned on postcrossing that I liked Audrey and look what I got. I was super excited!

I also recieved this letter from Patty as part of her project to send 365 letters, as you can see I am number 21.

The one above finally turned up from Lauren who sent this letter a few weeks. Unfortunately customs had opened it and taken out the tea that was inside. I had the choice to pay $50 and have it sent back or destroyed for free. Unfortunately my wallet made the decision and the tea is getting destroyed. Thanks for the lovely thought though I am sure I would have loved it! The envelope is gorgeous.

These are two envelopes I made out of a calendar that I got for $2, I am really happy with how they have turned out.

And lastly in my exiting mail news I was featured as the pen pal of the week on We’ve got paper, check it out here, if your interested.
Happy Mail days!


  1. love the dolls and the spain map! it's sad that lauren's envelope was covered with stickers and that your tea was taken out, but the quarantine sticker is kinda cool. i just had tea removed from my last envelope too...wonder what it is about tea???

  2. wow how lovely! nothing beats getting stuff in the mail. those postcards are really pretty!

  3. i just hopped back from your feature- cheers! you are so darling :)

    i love the dolls and of course the card from Espana, cos that's where i was born. And audrey, she's beautiful. Agreed!

    since i'm snowed in this weekend, i really need to send you a proper letter + thank you for your kindness in my ornament swap. i'm excited about writing you! :)


  4. Awww...i love all the postcards!
    Such a sweet way to make someone's day.

  5. That stinks about my letter. :[ There were some postcards in there too, did you get them? But anyway, I'm glad that it got there anyhow!
    - L

  6. hi megan i saw your penpal interview on weve got paper site and was wondering if you are searching for anymore penpals let me know at


    jen,24, maryland usa loves: mixcds, long letters, packages, kittens, my boyfriend, creativeness, photography, swapbot, and tons tons more.

  7. You always get the most amazing mail. I LOVE these posts you do :)

  8. I took part in a postcard swap on Swapbot last year - it was so much fun - and this reminds I should log back in and see what other swaps I can take part in.

    That's really annoying about the tea. What harm can a little bit of tea do??


  9. Such fun mail! I just wanna thank you for having a link to postcrossing on your page. I signed up because I saw it on your blog and have had so much fun sending and receiving postcards :)


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