Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pieces of Me... a little late.

This month....

I like the constant rain for two days straight, finding amazing postcard at the National museum, having breakfast cooked for me on Valentines day and heading to the markets.
I don't like my 5000 word tax assignment that is due tomorrow and the fact that uni is taking over my letter and blog writitng time.
I want you to know i think i might be addicted to swaps. Am currently trying to get my knick knack exchange ready to go.
I've planned to be more productive, i need to get out of holiday mode.
I want to say to someone special Happy Valentines day to all those in the blogging community!

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  1. Ooooh! An upcoming exchange??? I am excited:)

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! I know how you feel about the swaps... love them...

  3. i am addicted to swaps too!!! lol too bad we weren't each other partners for any of the swaps.

    i think it's a fun way to connect to another person! i just sent of my knick knack exchange yesterday so i can't wait til she gets it (though we've never met).


  4. Better late than never :)
    How did that 5,000 word essay go? That sounds very intese, especially since it's on taxes. Except I could write about how much I hate the US taxes right now.
    And I'm addicted to swaps as well. I've participated in almost everyone one I find (when my income allows). It's so much fun to get stuf in the mail and make new friends :)


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