Friday, February 19, 2010


This week I have been so spoilt with beautiful packages from other bloggers and lets just say this is a week I have needed it. Without going into details my emotions are all over the place and I am not quite sure when things will be going back to normal but I should be ok. Anyway off on a tangent again, have a look at my goodies.

This lovely little package full of beautiful stationery from Micaela. She is probably the sweetest girl i have ever meet. How gorgeous was the envelope she sent it in, and I fell in love with the postcard of Audrey.

The next one I received as part of Danielle's Knick Knack exchange. The lovely Catherine in New York sent me these gorgeous earrings that she made herself from Marino Glass. Love them, I put them straight on.

Than lastly this morning I got up and this was waiting for me from Summers Valentines Day Swap. The gorgeous Michelle sent me this beautiful package with a love necklace, a cuff that i am wearing right now and some other fun tidbits.It was wrapped beautifully but i was too excited to wait to open it. Check out her gorgeous etsy shop.

Thankyou so much to everyone for their gorgeous packages you really have made my world a little more cheery.
Oh and dont forget to join my stationery swap before the 26th February if your interested!


  1. If anyone deserves mail goodness, it's you! Don't you love how i wrote "i onced..." haha i made up a word! ;) i just noticed that lol.

    i've had that audrey postcard for ages and am glad you now have it love! again, sorry it's such a belated thank you!

    those marino glass earrings are gorgeous! remind me of venice.
    & the vday swap- wasn't it the best? handmade goodies are the best.


  2. I was JUST in a stationery store today and thought of you and the swap! I can't wait!

  3. oh my goodness how wonderful!!!
    i love a happy mailbox!!
    and those earrings are so gorgeous!!
    glad your week was brightened by all the goodies!!

  4. Hehehe, I have that Paris postcard too! :)

    Love your stuff!

  5. Oh my! What a lucky girl. So glad these things came when you needed them most. There's nothing quite so lovely as finding love in your mailbox!

    I adore the Keep Calm & Carry On card Micaela sent you. It's my mantra... I want one of those, too!

    I was in a card shop this afternoon looking through all the lovely stationery. Can't wait for the swap. I posted about it last night. Hoping to round up a few more lovers of paper for you!

  6. oh dear! a stationary swap?? i must take part!!!

  7. aw how beautiful! Here through Michaela!

  8. You got so many cute things! Lucky you!

  9. Oooer so pretty. I love swaps. x




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