Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two things I love around my home..

I have been loving reading everyones posts about what they love around there home and decided that it was time to join in. If you want to join in check out the lovely bacwoods fern.

My first thing is this old world globe which i got just yesterday. I was driving into our complex just as one of our neighbours was about to throw it out. Without thinking i stopped and asked her if i could have it, she didnt seem to mind but afterwards i thought it might have been a bit rude, but I am happy I saved it from the bin.

This gorgeous teacup is my second item. My friend bought it for me for christmas after I mentioned i liked it when we were out shopping. I am yet to drink from it, its just two pretty.
What are your two favourite things this week?


  1. That globe is awesome, I can't believe someone was going to throw it out! Today was my first two things Tuesday too, yay :)

  2. i love globes!!!
    and good for you for asking... what a waste that would have been!

    thanks for playing along!!

  3. I love the teacup!

    My two favorite things in my home? My new hope chest, handmade by my best friend and her fiance, and my new frame collage in the bedroom!

  4. that teacup is GORGEOUS!! oh i love it!!

  5. oh, i love both of those items! i have a pretty teacup and saucer that i have yet to use. and that globe is pretty magnificent... doesn't it just floor you the things that people are willing to just toss into the garbage? it is really starting to become a peeve of mine!

    for awhile, most of my apartment was furnished with roadside furniture finds. i mean... why not, right? i wish i could facilitate a way to link people with excess furniture and people with no furniture who can't afford to buy it. i mean, yes, there is craigslist, but not everyone knows about it.

    one time my boyfriend and i were taking a bunch of stuff to goodwill, and we intercepted another couple who were bringing in some of their own stuff... and we ended up trading outside the goodwill drop off dock! we ended up with a velvet mexican hat (the boy collects them, LOL) and a rocking chair that we gave to my pregnant friends!

    anyway... longwinded but the point is, nice save!

  6. Wow the globe looks like it’s in good condition! I am surprised that someone would throw it away instead of donating it. I do a lot of volunteer work and I know people could really use a lot of the things that just get tossed.

    If I had to pick two favorite things in my home (and by home I mean the room I rent from my aunt and uncle) one would be my humidifier, I have been sick for weeks and running it is the only way I can sleep at night. The second is the jar of raw honey that was given to me as a gift over the weekend. I am devouring it!

  7. My 2 fave things are not actually physcial.
    I am digging the Olympic coverage in Canada and enjoying the sunshine in wintery Toronto.

  8. Woah! I love that globe. I've always wanted a pretty globe and used to have one as a kid but my mom sold it at a garage sale on me :( So sad.

  9. gorgeous finds!! i've been searching for an old globe - my concept of where all the countries are is so out of whack! what luck stumbling upon such a great one for free!!
    have a great day!! xxx

  10. My favourite place in town to go for afternoon tea is a little shop that has a huge collection of gorgeous old tea cups. No two are alike. I'm always excited to see which tea cup I'll get! Yours is just gorgeous...

    I'm a big fan of globes, too. Globes and maps.

  11. Hi again Megan,
    Just posted about your stationery swap. Hope it sends a few more paper-lovers your way!

  12. Gorgeous teacup! And this is a great idea for a post.

  13. i'm REALLY loving your teacup. You should make a blog header with it :) it's sooo pretty!!!

    speaking of blog headers, one thing i loved in my home was a "la dolce vita" sign i have hanging next to a TX Liscence plate in my kitchen entry way. The sign was a gift from my bestie :) and texas... well you know how much i love my beloved home!

    i am SOOO EXCITED for your swap!!! i've already been eyeing some things on etsy ;)

    i just blogged about it too. xoxo

    if you need anything, let me know!


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