Sunday, March 28, 2010


Want to have a fun afternoon? Grab some great friends, good wine and play these tunes.

Faith Hill - This Kiss
Men at work - Aint nothin going to break my stride
The Corrs - Breathless
Enrique Iglesis - Escape
Ricky Martin - The Cup of Life
Bwitched - C'est Lae Vie
Backstreet Boys - Backstreets Back
Chyna Phillips - I live for you

Nothing better than some good old ninties music to brighten the soul.
What are your favourite ninties song?


  1. aw love the photo! and nineties music is the booomb. haha! i don't know if i have a favorite.

    xo tiffany

  2. OHHHH MY GOSH B*Witched! I LOVED listening to them when I was younger! They were so fun! :D

  3. omg i LOVED 5ive! they were so cute! lol great now that you've reminded me i need to go buy that album again haha

  4. flashback indeed!!! B*Witched and The Corrs!!!! i loved their song "runaway". ahhhh totally forgot about 5ive! That was the catchiest song ever!!!!

    yes, this is a great idea!!! :)

  5. Some of my favorites are Wonderwall Oasis, Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana, Don't Speak No Doubt (love it!), oh this is painful, there are so many REM, The Verve, Radiohead, Pearl Jam,...

  6. this is the best post! man, i don't know what my favourite 90's songs are... i think i would like to just find a way to cue up Q92 (my old university radio station) and see what comes on. more than likely it would consist of a lot of Matthew Good Band, LOL!

    no need to be sorry about the package! i thought about it the other day and then forgot to ask you about it. i remember awhie back one of my friends from Australia sent me something that took like 3 months to get here, LOL. whenever you get the chance, hon, no rush at all :)

  7. I love this pic!
    I've just found your blog...great!!
    Please visit my blog,too<33

  8. I love them! The photo is awesome too and makes me want to find my old burnt cds.
    I love a lot of those songs you posted. I'm sure I will find some and list them sometime ;)

  9. I LOVE your blog. And your style. A lot.
    Also, I love the song "Juliet" by LMNT. It feels like 4th grade. In a good way :P

  10. I've been on a 90s kick lately too. Listening to some Sixpence None the Richer. Remember them?


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