Friday, March 5, 2010

Goodbye working week

Today has been one of those days were its raining but not cold so I have been enjoying having the umbrella out and walking in the rain whilst running errands at work. This morning I had to give a presentation at uni and i think it went really well so thats one more piece of assessment i can cross off the list.
This weekend is a long weekend in celebration of Canberra Day. I am not quite sure how we manage to get away with this public holiday as I dont think any of the other major cities get a day off to celebrate their city but I am not one to complain. As soon as the clock hits 5pm i am jumping in the car and heading back to the country to visit my parents and catch up with some friends.
My weekend is entailing
- stopping at a friends on my way home to see her new apartment and have some dinner
- sleeping in, hanging with my mum and dad, hopefully convincing them to go out for pancakes, reading my book for bookclub next weekend which i havent started, writing some letters and working on some fun blogposts i have in the works
- going to my friends daughters 2nd birthday party, what do you buy a two year old by the way?
- possibly meeting up with an old friend, we had a falling out about 5 years ago, i am not even sure what is was about. About 6 weeks ago she rang me out of the blue and asked if I would want to catch up next time I am at home. She was my best friends and a kindred spirit so it will be interesting if we do get to meet up.
- visting my friend who just had a little baby girl, Eve, a couple of weeks ago, i am so excited to get to meet her
- visiting my nanny
- than heading back to the Berra and hopefully convincing Brendan to come and see Alice in Wonderland with me! Has anyone see it yet? What did you think?
What are you doing this weekend? Let me in on your plans.


  1. The weekend for me will consist mostly of school work for I have many projects to complete.
    Hopefully I will get to write some letters. My "to reply to" pile is larger then usual.
    I also want to watch a movie with Melo, but school work may take over that as well.
    Your weekend sounds great!
    At least I'll get to listen to all the new songs I found =]

  2. Sleeping in and going out for pancakes afterwards? Sounds like the perfect Saturday morning to me!

    I say buy the two year old a good children's book, one that she will have years from now and cherish. You could write a lovely message inside.

    Let me know what you think of Alice in Wonderland. It looks visually amazing... but I wonder if I'd be a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing after a few hours?

    Have a wonderful weekend. It's just Thursday evening here, so I've still got Friday to get through!

  3. A friend and I haven't spoke since last year and we were joined at the hip all of high school. I wonder when he'll come around to making the first move, because technically, a lot of why we stopped talking is his fault and I wish he would see that.

    I hope you have a great weekend! I know I will! This Saturday I'm heading out to Disneyland! And this is actually FOR my class, haha. There's a Deaf organization that's doing a special day for the Deaf and I can go there for the "attend a Deaf event" assignment. :)

  4. Wow, sounds like a jam packed weekend for you. I'm meeting a friend for lunch at the fish markets tomorrow, and then off to do some shopping this weekend.

    Have a good one, Megan!

  5. Wow busy busy weekend.
    Would totally buy the 2 year old a book, maybe something by Dr Suess? They were always my fave to be read and were 'cool' enough to read alone when I got around to it.
    This weekend I am playing mixed touch rugby, working tomorrow morning and having a movie marathon with Yvette saturday night :)

    Have a great long weekend! We (WA) had one last weekend and I definitely needed the long break.

  6. Such a fun, busy weekend!!! I cannot wait to see Alice in Wonderland, too!


  8. alice in wonderland looks so beautiful. i love the photograph in this post too.x

  9. Hey Megan dear!
    Just letting you know, you're the winner of my calender giveaway, congrats!
    Can you please email your address to: so I can send it to you.

  10. how did your meet up with your friend (who you had the falling out with) go?

    2 year old birthday? dora anything! LOL

    PS mailed out my swap partner's stationary... hope she likes it!

  11. Hi sweet pea! I'm so glad you're enjoying the vegan blog. You're so sweet :)


  13. busy busy weekend!! how wonderful!! so sad the weekend is over!
    i've spent it doing lovely things with my grandmother!

  14. Love getting love in the form of mail! Just found your blog and am really liking it! Xoxo


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