Sunday, March 21, 2010

A little weekend

How has everyone's weekend been?
Mine has been pretty quiet which has been nice after lots of busy weekends. Friday night we went out for dinner with some of Brendans friends to an Irish pub which was nice. It was good to hang out with some new people and I learnt about  improveverywhere. I am probably the only person who hasnt heard of them but I spent the rest of the night on youtube laughing hysterically at some of their projects.
I spent Saturday doing assignments but slipped out to some church markets and bought these vintage earrings. I am keeping one pair, sending one to my sister and putting another towards a possible blog giveaway wink wink.

I woke up this morning and needed some "me time". I shouted myself to breakfast and did some shopping. I bought some buttons and made this bracelet...

I also bought these new boots too, i saw a pair really similar in Myer for $200 and found these in BigW for $36 Yay! So much for putting away the credit card though.

I finally found my camera charger too so will be able to put up proper photos again.
We than had drinks and cheese with our neighbours and caught up with one of our friends who moved to Melbourne. Than Brendan made a delicious pastabake. I am now settling in to watch The Good Wife one of my new favourite tv shows.
I hope everyone has had a wondeful weekend or are making the most of whats left of it!


  1. that bracelet is the cutest, i love it! nice one :)

  2. a perfect weekend! thank you again for your beautiful postcard. i love to wake up to it and see the beautiful flowers.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bracelet!!! gorgeous!

    and "The Good Wife"-- i wanted to see that one as i'm a HUGE fan of Chris Noth who will forever be Big in my book... that i'm kicking myself i didn't catch it when it first aired.

    happy weekend sweets!

    ps. does the post not come on saturday's there? it does here... but only until noon whereas they're open til 5 the rest of the week except sunday of course.

  4. Sounds like you had a awesome weekend. I can't wait till I have a quiet weekend to myself..have to wait another two weeks for that :( I love finding cheaper version of shoes at big w, you can save so much money!

  5. You are one creative lady. The bracelet is marvelous!

  6. such a wonderful weekend! hooray!
    and i love love love the boots!

  7. i heart your new bracelet!

    and those sexy boots! those would put my walking skills to test :)

    have a great week!

  8. Very creative. The bracelet is pretty. And the buttons you found are lovely.
    Sounds like a great weekend. Great boots. It's funny that you found some in Myer for that price. Since I work in Myer I understand only too well how expensive things can be there. I do shop in Myer a lot though because of my discount card :)

  9. + i love the earrings
    + cuuute bracelet!
    + yay for the shoes!

    xo tiffany

  10. I love those buttons, and that you made them into a gorgeous bracelet!

  11. You did such a fantastic job of the bracelet! So creative and pretty:)

  12. Hey Megan another comment to say I have something on my blog for you :)

  13. I got your letter and it was gorgeous and amazing and totally uplifted my rainy day. I was so excited there is already a reply ready to go in the mailbox tomorrow morning, so hopefully you'll have it sooner rather than later, I can't believe how fast yours got here. You'll get a sneak peak of the one I am sending off to you on my blog tomorrow probably since I'm technically studying for my midterm right now.

    Cute boots by the way and I really love that button bracelet, fantastic idea and great way to 'upcycle' (this is a term I have heard on blogs a lot recently and I think it is kinda neat but now I am probably making a fool out of myself using it). Anyway just wanted to let you know your letter arrived safely!

  14. OOOO, I could totally rock those boots!


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