Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mail and tidbits


From Belen, how gorgeous is the paper she made the envelope with? (Image from Belen)

From the lovely Patty. (Image from Patty)

From Lauren (Image from Lauren)

A gorgeous postcard from Aska as part of her mailart project check it out here, she needs lots more addresses to send her art out to so get involved!

I got the lovely cupcake card from Garci it had such a lovely letter inside and the receipe for the cupcakes is on the back of the card, i adored this card so much. She also included this beautiful flower postcard that i already have in mind for someone. The second photo is the back of the envelope she decorated.

This postcard from Faiza, i love self designed cards.

A thankyou card from my cousin in Scotland. It also came with my favourite chocolates from Thorntons.


An outgoing to Jenn made from an old atlas.

To Belen.

And finally a thankyou to Aska.
I hate being behind on my letter writing but hopefully i will catch up soon. If i owe you a letter it will be out soon.
My weekend was really good, i did far too much relaxing and not enough work but i think i needed it. My friends daughter has grown up so much she is such a happy fun loving kid i absolutely adore her. Here is a pic of her eating her birthday cake...

Thankyou so much for the birthday present suggestions, i ended up getting her a book and some bubble bath. I also visited my friend, Elissa who had little baby Eve 5 weeks ago, she is the most stunning baby i have ever seen and is already smiling and making little noises. I love the new born baby smell i think it must release some sort of endorphin because i was happy all day after seeing her.
Also, today i am featured on An affair with fashion with my reflections on my favourite fashion from 2009, check it out if you like.
Hope you are all having a wonderful day!
Oh and just a reminder, you have a week left to get out your stationery package for the swap. I am so excited to see what everyone gets. I will hopefully set up a McLinky so everyone can see what each other got.


  1. Love the Atlas envie!
    I'm seriously gonna go do it.
    Right after I finish my math homework.
    Hopefully I'll get to it this weekend :(
    I sent out my stationery swap :D

  2. I know they turned out pretty cool didnt they, cant wait to see yours! Yay its so exciting hearing about everyone sending out their packages.

  3. the atlast map evenelope is so cool! :) (really all your creations are and would be so happy for the anyone to see in their mailbox)

    j'adore the back of the envelope from garci!

    i sent off my stationary swap before i left for my birthday vacation to texas so i can't wait to see what she thinks :)

    and you are so pretty in a maxi dress. It is one fashion that i didn't think i could pull off, but now i want to after your feature. xo

  4. Wow, that is a lot of mail and good looking envelopes.
    It's fun to exchange mail :)

    Not sure about that baby smell though. Never been near one that close!

  5. *phew* it got to you! i really need to keep in mind that we're many miles away and that our letters will take a long time before reaching one another. i kept checking your blog and bianca's and worrying neither one got to either of you! but seeing mine up on yours lets me know bianca should be getting hers soon too. haha.

    and now... i wait for yours! :D

  6. Hey Megan! I got my stationary package from Bianca today. She only lives one hour from me so that was even cooler! I tagged you in my blog about my stationary swap. Sending mine out next week. x

  7. Oh and ps could you pretty please send me the link of when you did the post on making your own envelopes? Thanks so much!!!

  8. love seeing how happy your mailbox is. have a great week megan!

  9. this is SOOOOO nifty...

    if at all possible...I want to be a part of the next swap??:)


  10. i am in love with the atlas idea!!! such great ways to make use of paper --- i wish i was very artsy craftsy......

    and megan, you're going to need to send me your addy (email is fine for now) so that we can switch snail mail addresses because i would love love love love love to send something over to you and receive one of your specials cards as well!!!

    tootles for now, love.


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