Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mail & Swaps!


A package from Laura including English Bubblegum and some yummy receipes that I need to make. Trying to decide what to send back...

My happy mail package from Amanda, I love the personalised stationery she made me.

A postcard from Portugal

This wonderful letter and package from Gracie, it made my day. Her letter was so enjoyable and the stationery she included beautiful, i cant wait to write back.


My happymail package to Amanda, I sent her the button bracelet i made.

There are soooo many great swaps at the moment, why dont you check them out and join one? I am resisting the urge to sign up to all of them my bank account would not be happy but my mailbox would be.

Closes: April 12th 2010

Closes: 1st April 2010

Closes: April 16th 2010

Closes: 11th April 2010

Thanks to everyone who has been linking up their stationery package, I am really enjoying seeing what everyone has sent! Has everyone sent out their packages? Any problems please email me.
I am really resisting the urge to got opshopping today instead of working on my essays.....


  1. WOAH! There are alot of swaps! If i knew there was so many I would of waited a while... oh well. I love the brown paper packages, signed up to that one a while ago. Such a great idea all of the swaps. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. I just checked out the link for the brown paper packages, the one I joined was diferent, I'll find the link and email it to you. She pairs you up with one person and you can decided between the two of you when to send the package and you always remain partners and send packages anytime you want! BUT, this one looks pretty darn cool too. :)

  3. Can you cover my address please, Megan? Thanks :)
    Oh, and I haven't gotten my package from my partner yet (for your stationery swap), should I be worried?

  4. Wooooow. So much nice mail incoming and outgoing. I get really jealous. But I hope to get a lot nice mail as well. I am writing and writing and I guess one day it all comes back, or? =)

    Great swaps, but I am too active at swap-bot and don't have the money to make more swaps.

  5. i love your mail posts!!!

    lucky girl to get your button bracelet- it is fitting for happy mail though! :)

    i have never done swap-bot- but i'm entirely over my head in swaps! :) still it is SO MUCH fun. i might have things already picked out! i have yet to s hare the goodies i got in my stationary swap (i adore molly!) I LOVE what i got! this week promise :)

    and YOU always decorate your envelopes so nicely sweet girl xoxo

  6. aaaaah mail posts make me so happy! and OH MY GOODNESS. my envelope is SO cute. i can't wait to get it and write back!! you are amazin'! :)

    xo tiffany

  7. Pip - thanks I would love the link to that!
    Passion - so sorry I usually am so careful about that, all gone now! If your package doesnt arrive in a week let me know.
    Fabi - send and you shall receive, I am sure that your mailbox will be full soon.
    Micaela - so excited to see your stationery package.
    Tiffany - I posted it last week so shouldnt be to far away!

  8. I really want to do those swaps (brown package and vintage) but I'm so broke. :( Sigh, we'll see what happens, though.

  9. Eeep! It seems to be raining mail around here ;) I just adore everything you got and received. I'm so glad you like the letter. I remember how much I love making envelopes now.

    And so many swaps. I might be only able to do Tiffany's cd swap. xx

  10. Ahh, so glad you finally got it lovely! I've tried all the reciepes, they're delicious!

  11. So must post! You are keeping Postman Pat and his cat Jess super busy, hee hee!

    I have to stop myself joining so many swaps!

  12. I sent my stationary package out and need to send you the photo, though I dont know if my partner got it yet [ I just emailed her. and also i dont know if she sent mine either lol].

  13. I'm so jealous of all your mail. I am trying to get a swap off the ground at my blog but so far no one is biting. I thought everyone loved mail.

  14. Hey there!

    Do you think you will be organizing another swap anytime soon?? I just missed this!

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