Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So today is the 16th of March which is the deadline for you to send out your package for the stationery swap! Please make sure you send out your package as I would hate for anyone to miss out. If your going to be late sending out your package please let me know so i can let your partner know.
This is my package I am sending out to my partner, she doesnt know I have her so I thought it would be ok to post a photo...
What I included: envelopes, stationery, cards, postcards, ribbon, paper, pencil, decorative tape plus some tea.
Once again thanks so much for participating, we had over 40 participants! Dont forget to link up your package here so other people can see what you sent and received.

This weeks mail...
This gorgeous Marilyn Monroe postcard from Lauren. Lauren made them herself from a calendar from last year.
These two letters arrived on the same day which was such a coincidence because they were nearly identical in terms of the stationery and envelope but different colours. The first is from Mary Grace who is my partner from Nicole's Pen Pal Swap. The one at the front is from Emily who is such a delightful character and I love getting her letters.
The top letter is from the Sophie in Melbourne. And the other is from Patty.

And this one from the Melody who writes a really fun letter. She always sets the scene before she begins writing which I really enjoy.

This one is off to Garci in Arizona.

The last of my vintage envelopes going off to Lauren.
This letter is a reply to Emily, however I can not take credit for the cute as a button envelope as it was a gift from Bianca.
Than finally this one is off to Zoe, a new penpal. She has a really great blog too!

Have you received anything fantastic in the mail lately? x


  1. wow that was fast, I can't wait to get your awesome letter :) yay for new penpals.

  2. Hey Megan! I'm posting my off tomorrow and will post up a pic on my blog what I sending. x

  3. AH! I need to post my stationery package! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Megan, I did not take a picture of my stationery package swap because my mother was leaving to go to the post office RIGHT THAT SECOND so I didn't have time. Sorry that I can't link up to it, but rest assured, I did post it =]

  5. Hey Passion, not a worry if you didnt take a photo thats fine. Maybe your partner will take one anyway.

  6. ahhhh snail mail hugs. love them all!

  7. Mine is being sent of tomorrow but I have contacted my partner to say it will be a day or two late.
    Thanks so much for hosting! I want to do something similar sometime.
    And you have been getting a lot of mail! Sigh I miss it so much. xx

  8. Yay! I'm glad you finally received my letter.

  9. Indeed I have! A lovely letter from you! (which I've replied to and will send my letter off tomorrow) Another lovely letter from Micaela. AND I happen to know my stationery swap parcel will soon be on its way! I sent mine off this afternoon, and would you believe the postage cost more than all the stationery? Madness! But I refused to send it surface mail for half the price. It would have taken forever to get to England, and I want lovely Cassie to get all her fun stuff sooner rather than later (I went a bit overboard... hope she'll take lots of photos to send you!)

    Thank you so much for hosting, Megan. I loved taking part, and can't wait for my parcel to arrive!

  10. i LOVE your stationary stuff! i'm gonna ask summer if i can send hers out a few days late because i know of a shop about an hour away from my city that has suuuper cute stationary, but i haven't been able to make it out there yet. :P

  11. love the marylin card and the cat one! looks like youve been getting lots of mail!

  12. i love your blog! i just discovered it and sadly missed the mailing buddy deadline, but hopefully something like this will be coming up again sometime =)

  13. Tanja should be receiving her package in about a week, it was posted yesterday. I’ll try and post a few pictures in about a week; I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise. Thanks so much for hosting the swap, I had such a great time going through tons of stationary and putting together a great batch!

    Now I just have to keep using the rest of it! I tend to buy more than I can use!

  14. I was just thinking I haven't gotten any real mail lately! *pout*

  15. So exciting to receive mail like that!
    Glad you got the calender...hope you like it.

  16. love it all! i need to email you cuz i would love to swap snail mail with you :)


  17. Wow that is A LOT of mail. How do you keep up?
    Hehe, that just made me think of the Grease line
    "I'm a terrific pen pal" I love Marty.

  18. i am sooo excited to start writing to you, megan!!! you always have the cutest little envelopes/postcards going out your mail --- i only wish i had more time to have MORE penpals!!!

    have a great tuesday --- or is wednesday down there already???

  19. Oh nothing beats pretty stationary. What a great idea!

  20. oohhh. i sent mine out already.. hope she gets mine soon :)


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