Monday, March 1, 2010

Snail Mail + getting to know you

So i spent a very good deal of my weekend finally getting through my letter list. It was really relaxing writing letters and making envelopes all weekend but meant i didnt get much else done.
Here is the outgoing...
A postcard i made for i really cant cut straight. I must have missed that class in Kindy.

Another postcrossing postcard, the receiver likes unusual postcards.

A postcard i got in Edinburgh for my happy mail partner.

One for lovely Micaela.

One of my favourite envelopes so far off to Sophie across the boarder.

My Receipt envelope on its way to Passion.

A thankyou letter to my Valentines day swap partner.

Another thankyou to my knick knack exchange partner. I am nearly out of the vintage envelopes that I made, i wish i had have bought more calendars.

Than the lovely incoming...

This handmade postcard from the wonderful Postmuse.

A gorgeous thankyou card and postcard from Jenni. Awhile ago she made the comment that there was a lack of Kangaroo photos on my blog considering I am from Australia, so i sent her her own kangaroo picture. So glad she liked it and the Detroit postcard has went straight to the postcard wall.
A second introdutory letter from Melody, i feel that someone can never over introduce themselves it would be much worse to under introduce.

This week I also wanted to participate in Mannland5's getting to know you....
The questions..

1. Would you rather bungee jump or sky dive? I have already skydived and loved it so i think bungee jumping is next.
2. When using a public restroom to you squat over the seat or sit? I am a sitter unless the situation calls for a squat, i take it on a case by case basis.
3. Favorite flower? Tulips i am going to try and grow my own next Spring.
4. Pedicure or manicure? Pedicure because i love the massage seats
5. How many siblings do you have? The most amazing younger sister a girl could have
6. Do you pee in the shower? (gasp!) No...maybe...sometimes....
7. Bikini, tankini, or one piece? Currently a bikini with boardshorts but am looking for a good one piece
8. Where do you hate to shop at, but go there anyway? I have never meet a shop i didnt like

By the way everyone should have received an email assigning them their swap partner. If you havent received yours please contact me and i will sort it out. Just a reminder that you must have your package sent out by the 16th March.


  1. Came to you through Jen at absent minded. What lovely snail mail! There's not enough of that these days.

  2. such lovely mail :D

  3. Oh Megan, there's nothing I love better than snail mail! Can't wait for your letter to arrive... it looks lovely. Also, have to tell you how excited I am about the stationery swap. I'm planning a shopping trip for later this week.

    Oh, and by the way, I can't cut a straight line either! So don't feel too bad about that.

  4. Hi lady! Super excited for the stationery swap!

  5. oohhhh mmmmyyyy --- i'm in la-la-la-la-love with your blog! and all those sweet letters you've beens ending out!

    i looooovveee snail mail as well and have just recently found out about postcrossing (i have 3 cards in!!! yeyers!!!).

    i hope you don't mind but you're going to see quite a bit of me these days here -----


  6. massage seats... love them during a pedicure! bliss!!

    bliss is also happy mail and i am SOOO EXCITED to be getting something from you! :) yay!!! i already love the quote :)

    I went shopping for one last thing in my stationary swap... i am SO EXCITED!!! i bought a pretty record album cover from an antique shop today and am going to use is as the envelope! again, what a fabulous first swap! xo

  7. i love mail!! happy mail is one of the best online projects!

  8. thanks for your excellent swap coordination skills! i sent mine package out today. the folks at the post office are so excited for my partner, as am i!

  9. thank ya so much for hosting this lovely swap!!
    AND you definitely make the best envelopes ever


  10. These are some of my favorite posts you do. I love seeing the things you send/receive. So glad you liked my Detroit postcard :)

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