Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Swap Mclinky

Please find the Mclinky for the stationery swap, i am putting it up now as people have already started to receive their packages!
Please link up a blog post featuring what you received in the swap so that other people can see. If you dont have a blog or havent posted about it feel free to send me a photo and i will put it up.
Please title your link something along the lines of i.e. Megans package sent to X or Megans package received by Y.
I am so excited to see what everyone sends and receives!!


  1. i don't get it! how do i do it/??

  2. Hi Molly,
    Just click on the "3. You are next, click here to enter your link". Than a page will come up where you put the title ie "Biancas package to Pip" and than under that you paste the URL for your post about the stationery shop than press save and it will than be on the list. If you have any problems i can do it for you.

  3. YEAH! I love this idea! I am sending mine out tomorrow so I will send you pics soon!

  4. Hi Megan,
    Thanks for dropping by Handmade market and shop handmade. Love your blog, lots of fabulous swapping going on.

  5. Oh my I really better a move on with my package!

    And I seriously don't know how you keep up with all your mail. I'm hopeless, especially because I want to send so much of it! x

  6. What a pretty blog you have here! am now following! x

    Is it too late to enter this swap? :)

  7. Sorry the swap is closed but hopefully you will be able to participate next time :-)

  8. that is seriously the cutest puppy graphic I have seen in a long while. so cute!

    x Emily

  9. hey Meg! thank you so much! i went and changed my request for artsy critiques because your comment made me realize that there are loads of people out there who may not do art themselves but still know what they like and have a sense of appreciation - and i value your input just as much as someone with an art background! so thank you so much for that :)

  10. I see the swap is over. I will hopefully be in the next one. Sounds like fun!


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