Thursday, March 25, 2010

There's a bear in there

So today I woke up to 100 followers! Whilst I dont think that the worth of a blog should be based on the number of followers it has I do want to say thankyou to everyone for supporting my little old blog. Reading your comments honestly brightens up my day. I never thought when I started this blog I would make so many wonderful friends and I am so happy that I have, so thankyou once again. Hopefully there will be a giveaway soon!
Also another reason to celebrate today is because I paid off my credit card! I always feel such a sense of relief when I get out of debt again.
I missed out on Two things Tuesday yesterday but am still going to do it now because I love it.....

This receipe book that my mum gave me. I am hoping to fill it with delicious receipes that I can than give to my children. When I first saw it I asked Brendan to buy it for me but he said that he would never spend $40 on a receipe book with no receipes in it, luckily mum was easier to persuade.

The second object is my letter holder, where i keep all the letters that I need to reply to.

Also I have been given some wonderful blog awards...

From the lovely Gracie of Gracie Bella Butterfly
Rules: Post on blog - Link to the other bloggers within your post. - Let them know you have shared this award with them by commenting on their blogs -Share the Love by linking to the person from whom you received this Sweetalicious Blog Award.
So I am sending this out to: Jenni, MicaelaTiffany and Jennifer.

I also received this award from Jennifer
I pass this one on to: Rhianne, Meghan and Iris.

Oh I also saw this photo awhile ago and now I cant find the link but this is definately my justification for the current messy state of my household...

(If you know where this comes from let me know and I will link it)


  1. Eee, congratulations on 100 followers, your blog is definitely worthy :) and thank you for the award too, hurray! Hope you are having a fantastic day! x

  2. that's sweet your Mum bought the recipe book for you. I have a ugly white folder with all my recipes in it, I should really invest in a good one like your's. Love the letter holfer too, I am forever misplacing my penpals letters and I go to reply I can't freakin found them!
    Congrats on the 100 followers!~You have an awesome and amazing blog and I'm glad we found each other. xxx

  3. Congrats, Megan! You deserve all of the awards and followers that come your way - and thank YOU for your generosity in passing the award along. Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  4. Congratulations for the 100 followers, that much more come soon (:

    I love the letter holder, I end up a lot of time trying to picture something where I could save the letter to asnwer and the answers, I wished to have something like that, would be much easier.

    Have a nice end of week,


  5. Congrats on 100 followers! I’m sure they all enjoy your blog as much as I do!

    I also love the letter holder; does it have several slots or just the one? I have little fascination with office supplies, especially beautiful ones!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. Congrats Megan :) Today is Thursday. It has been written that today shall be a lovely day. See, I just wrote it. So it must be true! :)

  7. congrats! having that many people read your blog is refreshing. i totally know the feeling :)

  8. i love your recipe book! get to cookin, darling.

    you deserve every award you get!

  9. Congrats on the award and 100 followers.

    OOh, I love that recipe book!

  10. Whee congrats on having 100 followers. That is awesome. I love that recipe book/binder. That is such a sweet idea to write in some recipes for your future children.
    And I adore your letter holder. You have so many lovely little thinks in your home. I must get a pretty letter holder. Oh and I wrote you a letter. I hope to get it our soon. x

  11. Hi there! I do love the letter holder too! When do I get to swap again? I do enjoy your blog. It is the best feeling to know that you are inspiring others with your ideas and work. All the best!

  12. +aaw 100 followers! that's awesome! congrats ^_^
    +that recipe book is so cute!! i totally wanna have a recipe book to pass on to my kids too.
    +thank you for the award!!! it makes me so happy!
    +yayy i cannot wait for the letter to arrive!

    xo tiffany

    have a good weekend! yay it's finally friday!

  13. 100 BLOG FRIENDS?! GO YOU! So deserved. You are one of the sweetest, kindest people I know out here and I'm obviously not alone on these thoughts.
    And wait, is that my name I see below an award?! And it has the sweetest little cupcake on it?! Oh my - how perfect! Thanks a million lady. :) :) :)


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