Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tuesday Projects on Wednesday

I love all the little projects that happen in blogland on Tuesdays however because of the time difference its actually already Wednesday here, so here are my Tuesday projects on Wednesday...

Two things I love around my home...

Both from the kitchen. My gorgeous little cooking timer, I havent really used it yet but it sure does look good. Plus my baboshka doll measuring cups. I LOVE baboshka dolls so had to have a set of these i went to buy my friends some and Canberra is completely sold out. Want to play along check out Backwoods fern.

My other photo is of course of my feet for Nicoles feet love around the world. Not the cutest photo but this is what they look like at work all day.

Today has been a pretty wonderful day I rode to work on my bike its a 12km round trip. I am planning on riding three days a week which will not only be good exercise but it is a pretty ride and seem to give me more energy for the day. I will hopefully post a photo of me and my bike soon.

I also found out that I got two distinctions for the subjects that I studied over the summer which made me really happy as I didnt expect to do as well. I also helped my sister with an essay for uni which made me feel helpful. I than headed to one of my favourite vintage stores Landspeed records in Canberra has a great section out the back full of wonderful vintage clothes and even better they were having a sale. Unfortunately i didnt buy anything but anyone heading down to Canberra sometime soon should check it out.
Landspeed Records.
A photo of my gorgeous sister from our shopping adventures last weekend.

I than meet up with one of my friends for lunch we went to wogamama which is like a noodlehouse. It was pretty delicious but i had to come home and have a peanut butter sandwhich as  it was only a very small portion. I also really want to make my own peanut butter cups after reading about them on the Vegan Tomato.

I am now going to hit the books for a couple of hours and than i am going to a new restaurant for dinner with my old boss. Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday or Wednesday where ever you are!


  1. i love your timer... definitely pretty and i adore your measuring cups! i love that they are white!
    thanks so much for playing along!
    enjoy your dinner tonight!

  2. I LOVE your kitchen timer! Its right up my ally! Your measuring cups are great as well. I love extraordinary everyday objects :)

  3. Oh my oh my I love the babusha dolls measuring cups. And your cute little timer. Makes me want some other cute little items for my home.

    Have a really wonderful weekend! Oh and good on you for riding to work. I think that is fab! xx

  4. I love how you're taking the time to ride your bike to work --- wish I could do that! But then, how odd would I look dressed up in stiletto's and a corporate suit and riding a bike to work??? Hmmm --- new fashion trend, maybe?

    Hi Megan! Glad your day is going fabulously! And gotto say love love love those glasses on your sister!

    And I agree to exchanging letters --- the sooner the better!


  5. i love your two things!!! and a girl in tights, just like me ;)

    those heart glasses-- ah i love them! :) that's on my must have list! she is gorgeous, but of course- she's your sister! :)


  6. Your favorite things are AWESOME!

  7. oh my gosh. i've been wanting to ge that measuring cup!! but i won't really use it. lucky you :p

  8. I love those babushka doll measuring cups, seriously the cutest thing. I really like those postcard things you have, how can I join? I'd love to send and recieve postcards.

  9. Oh my i adore your baboshka doll measuring cups. Seriously, those are fabulous! And your sister's glasses - classic ;)

  10. Your kitchen items are simply adorable!

  11. omg LANDSPEED! i miss Canberra so much! did i ever tell you i lived there for a few months? back in my backpacking days, i was in a relationship with someone from there who is just a wee bit of a local celebrity :) if you're into the local hiphop scene, and listen to 2xx that is! come on, ask me who... ;P

    i am excited about your bikeriding! that is something i never get into. cyclists in toronto scare me with their brazen ways... and i've seen so many of them get smucked by cars right before my eyes! if i ever move to a smaller town, i think i will take up cycling.

    one more thing - i LOVE your heartshaped sunnnies! how effing cute are you?!?!?!

  12. wow lovely glasses
    your blog is great!

  13. hi megan..

    jealous of uber cute timer!!

    and i hope i didn't spoil the end of the bachelor for you!

  14. The measuring cups are adorable. I wear tights all the time- with everything but jeans! It sucks in the summer >_<

  15. love how cheerful this post is. finished reading it with a great smile!

  16. The cute little time is so nice! :) Mmmmm...noodles. I haven't had noodles in ages! I wish we had some sort of noodle bar nearby. :(


  17. Your favourite things are super cute! I love the little timer, and the measuring cups - I LOVE!! xx


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