Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Two things Tuesday

Today is one of my favourite blogging days as I get to share two things I love around my home and get a sneak peek into other bloggers homes....

My first thing today is an antique jewellery box my mum got me from a sale. Its not actually in my home yet as mum wants to sand it back and restain it but soon enough it should be here.

Secondly is my voodoo knife set that I got for my 21st. It is definately an item in my house that people either love or hate but makes a great talking point.

What are you loving in your home today? Link up at BacWoods Fern.

Small whinge session feel free to skip...
I checked my email this morning and had a message from postcrossing from a very angry postcrosser who decided to have a rant at me about accidently putting the wrong id number on her postcard and what an inconvinence it was for her. Fair enough I made a mistake which I am completely willing to accept but a simple thankyou for the postcard accompanying her rant would have been much appreciated. I thought about giving up on postcrossing as this is the second "unhappy customer" I have encountered. One guy didnt like the postcard I sent which I dont even think is a legitamate concern as thats the whole point of the project to get an unexpected postcard. So at the moment I am wondering why I even bother, has anyone else had these problems with postcrossing? I really love postcrossing so i think i just need to forget about these people and appreciate the lovely thankyous that I do get and the wonderful postcards I receive from all over the world. Thanks for reading if you made it this far, just something that I had to get off my chest.


  1. Well, that's just ungrateful! I for one love getting mail from you!

    I'm not involved in postcrossing, but am sorry you've had two bad experiences with it. Glad that you're having more positive than negative though. Keep enjoying it! Sounds like so much fun.

  2. i love that jewelry box!!

    i agree though - thats super ungrateful! definitely just keep up with the positive feedback.


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  4. I felt a lot like that with Postcrossing, though ultimately I stopped because I have enough actual penpals now (like, 50 of them...:|) and can't dedicate the time/funds to Postcrossing any more. That's a real shame that comments by one or two people can totally change your feelings about it. Some people are so ridiculous. Ps. I made a spelling mistake in the above comment and my ocd made me have to repost it! Ha.

  5. how ungrateful! sorry for the rant! you don't deserve that!!

    i love your antique dresser though! incredible!

  6. HA! That knife set is crazy! I love it!

  7. i've never had angry folks on postcrossing. sorry to hear that there are people out there who have tainted your experience.

    i must say that i do think twice when i read a fellow postcrosser's profile and they spend more time talking about the postcards they don't want versus the ones they do want.

    don't give up just yet...

  8. love the jewellery box! your mom's really sweet for getting that for you :)

    with regards to postcrossing - are you serious? are people really that horrid? it isn't you, hon, it's them. i guess you're bound to come across a jerk or two everywhere... i'm just shocked that these two would actually call you out for a simple mistake and a difference in personal taste!

    i hope you won't be discouraged by them. i know how much you love postcrossing, don't let them colour your opinion of what has been an otherwise good experience for you :)

    have a happy day, sweetie.

  9. Oh sweet blog. :) Love it.

  10. That knive set is hilarious, how could anyone hate it?

    I say continue postcrossing if you really enjoy it. I try not to focus on negative people. I work retail so I deal with a lot of people and they are far from always being nice. I have taken a "live in the moment" approach. If someone says something rude, instead of dwelling on it for hours or days, I let it go the moment it's over. I don't think about it again. It took years to do this but try it cause it really works. Ignore them and continue on :)

  11. ...a guy didn't like the postcard you sent?! I gotta tell you, that's a bit odd. I'd accept any postcard if someone sent me one! It could be blank, or colored on or absolutely incredibly tacky. It's the thought that counts. There are always people in the world that are like that though...regardless of where you go or what club you join...or store you walk into.

    Not everyone was born with "gratitude" in their vocabulary I guess.

    Love your blog...still waiting for my stationary to arrive to Katie and hers to get to me! =D

  12. i love the jewelry box and the voodoo knife holder is so clever!

    wow, people can be rude... i'm sorry. i wouldn't let the negative comments get you down though and if you love postcrossing then continue to do it. ignore the negativity.

    thanks for playing along with two things!

  13. It is so sad that there are people in the world that are living in a constant state of disappointment. I imagine your postcards are only a small blip on the list of things that disappoint them. Sad for them. Let's have a moment of silence while we pray for brighter outlooks for them....:)
    Fortunately, the world also has people like you and I'm sure others would agree that you should not take your brightness away from others by ending your participation in postcrossing. I'm sure the percentage of those pleased with your postcards is much higher than those who are not. Some people can't be pleased no matter how hard we try. Again, sad for them.
    The knife holder cracks me up. My sister has one just like it in red. It certainly is a great conversation piece. Personally, I love a bit of humor and whimsy in my home decor.
    Thanks again for hosting the stationery swap. I had a lot of fun doing it.

  14. I am wondering what is postcrossing? I am going to check out your stationery swap! I love stationery!

  15. Oh my, some people really are strange, aren't they?
    Well, I haven't made this experience myself so far but a friend of mine who signed in on postcrossing long before I did told me that some people, if they don't like the postcard they got, simply don't register it which is totally unfair, of course. *sigh* I already got a card without any id number at all and I also sent one *whistle* but it's not as if this is such a big drama. And I'm pretty sure that postcrossing made it clear that you can feel free to add requests regarding the postcards you'd like to receive but that those requests are not binding at all. It's like Tina said, we should feel sorry for such people and send a prayer. :D
    My own experiences have been quite good so far so don't worry, not all people on postcrossing are idiots. :D

  16. I've had an angry postcrosser too. She didn't like the postcard I sent and spent three paragraphs telling me that and that I should delete my profile and never send another postcard. It made me so angry I wrote an angry message to her. Not my finest moment but it sure made me feel better.

  17. That jewellery box is really lovely. It's sort of antiquey looking. It will look brilliant stained.
    And the knife set is pretty crazy. Definitely a good talking point I think.
    As for postcrossing. I have yet to encounter a stupid person and I hope I don't. You should still it though because those people are probably never going to be happy with anything. And you join it because it's a nice surprise to see what you receive back.
    I say forget them and enjoy sending and receiving your postcards. Mail is so much happier than that.
    And thanks for joining my swap. :)

  18. how rude! ignore those people, they're not worth it. if you enjoy the overall experience i say continue to do it. wonderful people will always outweigh the bad.

    lol and if it helps pretend that little vodoo person is the girl who yelled at you and poke some knives in it haha

  19. Ah, Postcrossing... it has its ups and downs.

    I've had moderately ungrateful people, and lots of postcards I've received have had absolutely nothing written on them, but I've not had anyone be so directly rude like you or some of the previous commenters have. (Seriously, NOT registering a postcard just 'cuz they don't like it? How awful! Though I've wondered if this happens. Argh.)

    I say continue with Postcrossing, if you have the funds to sacrifice those international stamps. (It certainly does add up!) That's pretty much my philosophy. I try to think of the postcards I send as being just as important (if not moreso) than those I receive, and since I have a mail blog that I always list on postcards, I get a lot people who visit it and then end up writing me again. As soon as I have one of those "down" stretches with Postcrossing, I'll have some really wonderful interaction with someone, or get some really amazing postcard out of the blue like this one. It's serendipity, and I guess it's a good lesson for all of us to let the mean crazy people roll off of us like water off a duck's back. And then I remember the 3 or 4 amazing pen pals I've picked up through randomly being assigned as postcrossing partners, and then I get happier about Postcrossing again...

  20. I'm one of those that LOVES the voodoo knife set! I've never seen one and seeing yours makes me want it --- but i'm not so sure what kind of impression that will make when my little boy grows up... hmmm.

    I've had one person in postcrossing rant at me as well! I totally understand your frustration but I think we have to remember all the good that we come across there from the couple of 'bad apples'. I hope you don't give up on it --- I love the project and don't get to send out as much post cards as I should but I'd love to get more into it!

    Hope your ranting a little makes you feel a tad better!

  21. i love your 2 things, esp. the voodoo piece. i giggled :)

    i'm SOOO SORRY about the cross postcrossers... seriously!? how can there be a "bad one?" to go so far to reply to you that they didn't like it is a waste of time and obviously someone who doesn't need to be part of such a neat project. ew. My heart goes out to you because i know how this feels, seeing as someone really "took" something from my blog when i got that nasty comment :( I LOVE your happy mail, so yes-- FORGET about these two who have obviously have nothing better to do or had bad days. That upsets me. i am SO sorry love! :( but yes, forget about those who waste the time being ugly. HUGS!

    i'm sooo excited that my swap person got her parcel from me and loved it! :) i'm waiting to get hers to post about it. BY FAR such a great swap idea!!! xoxoxoxoxo

    ps. i got your letter- such a lovely way to be welcomed home! :) i enjoyed every bit of reading it while enjoying a cup of coffee this morning. can't wait to get back to you!

  22. I love your mom's heirloom for you.

    Ok, I was on a swap site but more like packages (swapbot??) but it was horrible. I had a simliar experience and I hope you clear this up and she takes a chill pill.

  23. Hate to break it to u but last time I went home mum told me that that jewellery box had my name all over it!! Ha!


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